DigiChal’s app offers a digital khata book and a feature to create your own online store. Focused on small and medium-sized businesses, No matter how big or small your business is, the app helps you build digital khata to save you time on managing your business transactions. The feature allows you to store sales, expenses, and udhaar transactions. When the time comes, you can easily access information related to any transaction done. 


Within the same app, you can cater to the increasing demand of your customers for convenience. Big players in the market have built platforms where customers can buy any product through various sellers and get the benefit of cost and quality. It becomes a challenge for small and medium-sized companies to compete with them. But with the digital dukaan feature, they can easily set up their online store and start selling their products directly to their customers. 


Switching to the digital khata business was not an easy step for small and medium-sized enterprises. Change is always looked upon as a threat because it means one needs to step out of their comfort zone and start doing things differently. But while we are in the system, we often fail to see the drawbacks of the old system and how it is affecting the outcome. 


Digital udhar khata book was the most significant challenge yet the biggest example of a successful transition. The old ways were to keep the information manually stored in registers and then spend hours fetching the information on the due date. Sometimes the due dates were missed and sometimes it took rounds of customer visits to get the payment back.


The switch from old bahi khatas to the new digital khatas helped expedite this process. DigiChal app offered a feature where one can enter the customer details - customer contact information, the amount due, and the date for the pending udhaar collection. On the due date, an automatic reminder goes to the customer from the app. It saved time and effort and resulted in faster udhaar settlements.  


It takes more than just overcoming challenges to advance in the business world. Therefore, the feature for setting up one’s own store online was introduced. When your sale udhar khata has gone digital, why should you have to download another app to turn your shop online? 


Create your online store 


Create a digital store in just 3 easy steps and take your karobaar online

Step 1- Add your business address. Add your company name and address.


Step 2 - Add the details of the items you are selling. 


Irrespective of how big or small your business is, the digital dukaan online feature helps you convert your shop into an online shop. When you have added your business details, you can add the details of your products. You can either select from the menu or add your own items. Click and upload pictures of your products or select from the list of items available on the app. It is as simple as adding sale records in your digital sale khata app,


Step 3- After adding menu items to your catalog, you can share the online dukaan link with your customers. 


Using this feature, you can manage your orders. Your phone allows you to accept or reject orders. The number of orders can also be altered in accordance with your inventory. Your store is completely under your control. 


How to manage online dukaan just like your sale digital Khata.


  1. Revenue growth - Just like the digital udhar khata app, the dukaan feature helps you grow your presence and reach more customers. Digital accounting helps you manage your accounting so that you focus on your business’ growth, the online store feature helps you increase revenue.
  2. Manage your cost well - The cost is an important consideration in deciding whether to open an online store or a digital khata book. The app is free of cost and offers you features that help you grow your business. 
  3. Easy to work with - Like sale digital Khata, the online store feature is easy to use. Once you’ve created your store you can share the link with your customers and instantly start getting orders. You can easily update the order status. 


DigiChal offers an app that helps them grow their business. The app provides features that are free of cost and easy to use. With Digichal digital dukaan app, you can provide better services, establish a brand name, and have a professional platform. It helps in marketing too. Create a discount code for your product instead of texting out promotional messages with WhatsApp. 


Website : https://www.digichal.in/

APP : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digichal