Sonalika is a general association in India, with its base camp in Hoshiarpur, it was established in the year 1969. The Sonalika Tractor are observable for their more unassuming than standard and titanic tractor get-together and creation. The 2 senseless tractors as shown by cost are such a lot of developments that they can without an out and out extraordinary stretch cover a wide degree of money related to plant business regions.


The Sonalika tractor price list is all reasonable and proportionate with its amazing credits. Beginning from 3,20,000 lakh the most key yet certain level tractor is Sonalika GT 20. Plus, the most ludicrous one is the sonalika worldtrac 90 4WD priced at 15,60,000 lakh rs. To the degree that drives too the sonalika association has an essential appearance in start from 39 HP and going up to 90 HP, giving truly unprecedented and most enormous mixes to their clients which legitimizes their massive and resolute client base.