A few days ago, World of Warcraft version 8.3 was officially launched. One of the new gameplays, "Stunning Phantom", surprises players. The "Phantom Phantom", which is called the big phantom, is one of the core gameplay of the new version. The new challenge, along with the players' requirements for upgrading the cloak level, the big illusion has become a place that Warcraft players must go. To challenge the big illusion more efficiently, not only need enough Buy WOW Classic Gold. Weapons and equipment also need clear and effective route planning in order to get more benefits before the sanity value is exhausted.

Pioneer players have tried and shared the route of Dark Lane District-Valley of Honor-Spirit Valley-Thrall. Let's take a look at the "landscape" along this route and gain some experience for your own illusion challenge Right.

Dark Lane District-Valley of Honor-Spirit Valley-Thrall This route focuses on the third-level area on the right, the Valley of Honor Lexar. After entering the door, players need to respond quickly and choose to jump to the Saar room, which is to clear the monsters in front of the BOSS door in the main area, then walk along the auction house all the way to the intersection, open the door and enter the second level area on the right. There is not much blood in the gatekeeper here, you can directly take out the mobs in cooperation with the outbreak, and then remember to talk to the orc Garona to open the mission goal: open 5 doors.

After receiving the mission, clean up the door monsters in turn and open the door. This is not difficult. After that, you will see the small boss after all the doors are opened. After solving the small boss, the boss in this area will be activated, cooperate with the outbreak and the McCacon red card, It is possible to quickly resolve the battle and go to the Valley of Honor in the 3rd level. The Honor Valley affix needs to avoid the fan-shaped black water that is cast in stages, and then you can find the BOSS Rexar with a number of wild boars. Lexar itself seems to have stun skills. With a set of explosions, Lexar can lose his life. After that, he can choose the fighting method. The core is to kill the body faster to save time.

After knocking out Lexar, interacting with this teleporter can quickly return to the main area doorway without any impact. The next step is the second level zone on the left. From the main zone to the second level zone on the left, pay attention to the direction. The left entrance and the right entrance, do not run in the opposite direction. The second area on the left is mainly to save people. Remember to detonate the bomb in the yellow circle after the fight. Entering the BOSS battle in this area, the BOSS will intermittently cast the silence skill. You need to eat the light ball shown in the red circle as soon as possible to unlock the silence. This number of light balls corresponds to the number of challengers. This BOSS is not difficult to see at present. Because of the limitation of sane value, you must pay attention to the time consuming. After you quickly kill it, you can choose to return to the main area quickly to solve the main area BOSS sal. Thrall BOSS battle is not difficult. Pay attention to avoiding the position. As far as the current information is concerned, it can be easily solved.

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