Light Strike
The priest attacks spells with sacred attributes at the beginning. It takes a little longer to cast and the damage is too low. This is not a very good skill. If the talent takes the shadow route, after adding the talent skill Mind Flay at level 20, this spell can basically be ignored. But for the Holy Priest, this spell is one of the main attack methods (because the Priest attacks slightly less magic), but the Holy Priest is still not recommended to strengthen this skill. Compared to strengthening skills, WOW Classic Gold is worth spending elsewhere.
It is also worth noting that the damage of this spell is sacred damage. There is no sacred resistance in the game, which means that in theory this spell can cause complete damage to any target that is not invincible or completely immune to magic. This can be said to be one of the highlights of this spell.

Mental shock
The priest's most powerful attack spells are also very satisfactory in casting speed. The only drawback is that it has a cooldown of up to 8 seconds without the enhanced talent (even with the enhanced talent, it still has a 5.5 second cooldown). It should be noted that this spell will cause a lot more hatred than equal damage, so it is generally only used in solo and PVP. Do not use this skill to attack.
Shadow Word: Pain
The priest possesses the Damage over Time ability, which refers to the ability to inflict damage for a certain period of time, to attack spells. This spell could last for 18 seconds, causing damage every 3 seconds for a total of 6 damage, and enhanced Shadow Word Pain can increase the duration of 6 seconds, that is, with the same mana cost and DPS, the total damage is increased by 1 / 3 is a talent worth strengthening. With the addition of all talents, the total damage of this skill can be doubled than when there is no talent, making it the most powerful DOT attack spell in the entire game. If players lack Buy WOW Classic Gold in the game, they can go to ZZWOW.COM to buy. Players can buy the cheapest Warcraft gold and other items here!

Mana Burn
This spell only works on monsters or players with mana. It can burn the target's mana (even if the target's mana disappears), and uses half of the reduction as damage to the target. The above data is based on the damage, and the burning mana is actually 738-780. This amount of mana is more for ordinary monsters, but ordinary monsters are generally weak. They can be easily killed without burning their mana. You can consider using them. Mana burns as a starting skill, and then uses mental shock. Mana burning has basically no effect on the performance of most elite monsters, so it is not recommended to use mana burning when dealing with elite monsters. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Please summarize your experience. This skill is very effective against specific occupations in PVP.