How to choose outdoor clothing styles from Outdoor Clothing Fabric Suppliers?
Your outdoor playground may look completely different than any other tailor's. However, every outdoor sewer should evaluate the basic characteristics of outdoor clothing. When choosing sewing patterns for outdoor clothing, judge them by the following qualities:
1.) Comfort
Choose comfort over style. A sewing pattern might look cool, but it's important to evaluate whether it will:
make you sweat
keep you calm
caught by brush
Too tight, leaving you breathless or chafing
2.) Range of motion
Does this mode allow you to lift your arms easily? How would it feel if you squatted down? Do you foresee a lot of stress on a particular seam, gobo or trim? Simple and recommended fabrics help you understand the range of motion of your garment.
3.) Protection
When you're outside, some things aren't inside, including:
Insects: Dangerous (ticks) and annoying (mosquitoes)
Plants: Poisonous (ivy, oak) and nasty (burrs, berry vines)


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