For the organization of training exercises on the application of knowledge in practice essential value have such techniques as buy assignments which are used in the process of forming skills
and skills. These techniques include the following:

- The teacher's explanation of the goal and objectives of the upcoming training activity;
- Showing the teacher how to do a particular exercise;
- Initial reproduction of the students' actions on
knowledge in practice;
- the subsequent training activity of students,
aimed at improving the acquired practical skills.

Of course, these stages are not always presented with sufficient clarity, but such steps are to some extent inherent in the education of any skill.
When selecting exercises, it is essential that they combine imitative and creative activities students and demanded from them ingenuity, reflection, search of own ways of the decision of this or that task.

He said that imitation was useful only when it grew out of it as an independent activity. On the other hand, the teacher needs to be aware of the difficulties involved in training activities. Exercises, especially if they are done creatively, are related to
the phenomenon which in psychology and pedagogy is called the transfer of knowledge. The essence of this phenomenon is that in the process of learning students have as if.

As if to transfer the learned thought operations, abilities and skills on other material, that is, to apply them in other other conditions. Having mastered on the basis of concrete examples and facts a rule, the student does not always easily operate it when this rule needs to be applied in a new, previously unseen situation or use it to explain new phenomena and facts.

In this regard, emphasized that students are relatively easy on the basis of the analysis of examples and facts to make the necessary theoretical conclusions, formulate rules and much more difficult to apply these conclusions to
to apply these conclusions to explain new examples and facts. The latter precisely
takes place during consolidation of the learned material. Such a method of organizing exercises on the application of knowledge in practice is of particular importance at the present time time, when the task is set more intense mental
development of students.

But the developing character of exercises will be only when they will contain creative tasks, implementation of which requires from students non-trivial turns of thought, mental independence.

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