Assault: Defend Azeroth

Players will be the first to witness the power of the ancient gods during the raids on Uldum and the Titan Facilities at Fairview Valley. Players must complete the goals in this area to defeat the ancient gods' minions, which include defeating enemy and rare enemies, obtaining treasures, and participating in events. After making some progress, you will face the admiral who leads the enemy.

You can view unlocked raids on the map (shortcut: M). You can also click on the Burning Eye of N’Zoth next to the Ambassador mission to see where the latest raid is happening and the mission in the area. In this way, you can repel the attacking N’Zoth army while completing the missions in the area and get additional rewards, such as the legendary cloak, WOW Classic Gold, and so on.

Kalimdor's Assault of Uldum:
Amassett Raid (Udam) The enthusiastic Amazette was once the guardian of the Titan Creations, and now they have seized Odam and attempted to monopolize the Titan Forge. Drive this arrogant tribe back to the desert tombs where they appeared.
Yaki Assault (Udam)
The Yaki Swarm swarmed into Uldum, threatening to destroy Titan facilities in this area in the name of N’Zoth and the Dark Empire. Smash their plots and end their wanton destruction.
Dark Empire Raid (Udum)
As the curtain between the worlds disappeared, N’Zoth's servants began to invade Uldum. Purify the corruption he has imposed on this desert.

Note: Please pay attention to the sky and pay attention to concealment when taking adventures in Uldum and Fairview Valley, otherwise the stench of giant worms emitted by giants on the other side may make your journey to completion more difficult. They are dangerous predators in the air, and if you approach them while flying, you may even be slowed down.

Pandaria's Splendid Valley raid:
The Mantis Demon Raid (Splendid Valley) The peaceful Pandora was besieged again by the Mantis Demon Army. Crush Shar'kzala's Swarm Slave and thwart the mastermind's conspiracy.

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Mogu Raid (Splendid Valley)
The belligerent Mogu tribe in the Splendid Valley flocked out, and everywhere they went, the situation was about to reach an uncontrollable level. Repel their armies and surrender this arrogant race.
The dark empire raids (Splendid Valley) The resting valley of Splendid Valley is once again threatened by the ancient gods. Repel the mad army of the Dark Empire and restore the former harmony of Fairview Valley.