Outdoor lighting fixtures need to withstand the test of snow, scorching sun, storms and lightning for a long time, and the cost is high, especially when it is difficult to dismantle when used on the exterior wall of high-rise buildings, so it must meet the requirements of long-term stable work. And outdoor lights, especially LED outdoor lights, are delicate semiconductor components. If they are wet, the chip will absorb moisture and damage LEDs, PCBs and other components. Therefore, LED is suitable to work in a dry and low temperature environment. Therefore, in the natural environment, to ensure that the LED can work stably for a long time under a variety of outdoor harsh conditions (such as rain, snow, frost, high humidity, high temperature, etc.), the waterproof structure design of holiday decoration lights is extremely critical.

 Generally speaking, the waterproof level of outdoor lights generally needs to achieve IP65 strong water spray test level to IP68 pressure diving, because outdoor weather is unpredictable, light rain, heavy rain, heavy rain, or even flooded, it is always possible. If the waterproof measures of the light are not in place, causing damage, the application effect is very poor.


Ultraviolet rays have a destructive effect on the wire insulation layer, the protective coating of the shell, the plastic parts, the potting compound, the sealant ring strip, and the adhesive that are exposed outside the festive decoration lights.


After the wire insulation layer is aged and cracked, water vapor will penetrate into the interior of the light through the gap of the wire core. After the shell coating of holiday decorative lights is aged, the shell edge coating is cracked or peeled off, and gaps may appear. As the plastic casing ages, it will deform and crack. Electroencapsulated colloids will crack as they age. Sealing ring rubber strips are aging and deformed, and gaps will appear. The adhesive between the structural parts is aging, and gaps will also appear after the adhesion is reduced. These are the damages of ultraviolet rays on the waterproof ability of holiday decorative lights.


The outdoor temperature varies a lot every day. The surface temperature of the light can rise to 50 ~ 60 ℃ during the daytime in summer and 10 ~ 20 qC in the evening. The temperature can be lowered to minus in winter on snow and ice. Under the high-temperature environment of summer, the decorative lights of the festival accelerate the material's aging and deformation. When the temperature drops to below zero, plastic parts become brittle and crack or crack under the pressure of ice and snow.

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