How to wear huggie earrings, earrings is an important decorative items for female friends, with up will let increase the overall temperament, improve the impression of the score, the following I carefully compiled for you how to wear huggie earrings, I hope it will help you.

For women with square faces, when choosing earrings to wear, it is recommended to lean towards streamlined, curved and rounded earrings, which can visually contrast with the square face and weaken the flaws of the square face.

For women with melon-shaped faces, it is ideal to choose earrings that visually increase the sense of breadth, such as polygonal shapes and earrings with a distinctive design that draws attention to the eyes.

For women with oval face shapes, there is more choice in the type of earrings to choose from, not only the ones that increase the sense of width, but also the curved type of earrings.

For women who like to wear sunglasses often, it is important to choose earrings in line with the principle of simplicity and lightness, rather than just being complicated and giving a kind of aesthetic fatigue.、

round face girls can wear long earrings, which can be a good way to modify the face, the biggest feature of round face girls is the face of the rounded lines, nothing diamond angle, this kind of face although ageing can not see the age, but there will be a little childish in it, and long chain earrings are not only very mature and feminine, but also can modify their face, visually elongate the face, look exquisite, on the contrary, long-shaped face of girls can choose round earrings to wear Oh.

dark yellow skin, black girls wearing bright earrings will look good, this and wear clothes with a bit like, the skin is not white girls wearing light-colored clothes is not very good, will set off the skin more black, choose a slightly brighter color clothes to wear will be able to set off the skin tone, wear earrings is also the same Oh, this skin tone girls wearing green and red jade is very good, not very suitable for wearing gold wearing silver, looks a bit old-fashioned vulgar.

face should wear small earrings, face small on wearing a larger earrings, this looks very beautiful, sometimes in the street to see some face bigger girls, earrings wearing a large earrings, the first feeling is that the face is very big, this way wearing not only does not look good, there is a very cheap feeling, I feel that big face girls wear small and delicate earrings look a little temperament, and face small girls wear large earrings, this look is not exaggerated feeling.