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In World of Warcraft Classic, plugins are an integral part of the player experience. In order to give novice players a better gaming experience, we have drafted a guide to choosing the best WoW classic plugins, whether it is an upgrade, PvE, PvP, or basic interface improvements.


Contrary to popular belief, plugins were part of Vanilla's original gaming experience. Therefore, I can provide a plug-in that I have used well. Of course, there are many other types of different plugins, but we will only provide plugins that are of most interest to the general public.


Warning, some add-ons may be considered outdated by WoW and will not be available. In this case, it is recommended that you install from another application (Curse).


Atlas Addons for WoW Classic / WoW

(Players can download via Twitch)

In short: Atlas Classic WoW is the originator of Azeroth Adventurer's Journal. Not only can he query the number of loot in each boss in World of Warcraft through a detailed data table, he can also provide the drop rate of most items and the number of WOW Classic Gold, a map of each instance! For the most part Is essential.

Important note: This plugin works with the Atlas plugin and can be downloaded from the Twitch link. Without it, Atlas Classic WoW would not work.


Auctionator Classic (Multifunction)

Auctionator is a simplified version of Auctionneer, which is used by many players when fighting for Azeroth. It has almost all the basic functions to ensure unparalleled efficiency when buying and selling at auction houses. Because this is the best place to make classic gold, it is an essential additional condition whether or not you regularly buy and sell gold at auction houses. Of course, the way to get gold is not only the auction house, players can also buy Buy WOW Classic Gold in zzwow, not only can buy a lot of vanilla gold at a very low price, but also get discounts.


BigWigs Classic

(Players can download via Twitch)

Although the performance of BigWigs is not as good as that of Battle for Azeroth, in the classic version of World of Warcraft, BigWigs is still beyond the reach of other plug-ins. Its counterpart, Deadly Boss Mods-Classic, also meets all expectations, with very little difference between the two. For the few players who don't know these two plugins, they can track the boss of each raid and let you predict your investment and pay accordingly.