A must-have for decoration, the branch area rug dresses your floor and brightens up the decor, provided you choose it well. Which model to take for a small room? The answer is through these few tips.

The question of size

The carpet is not only a decorative element, it also brings a lot of warmth to a room. The question now is how to choose your carpet, especially if you want to dress in a small area. You should know that a small format black modern rug will tend to shrink the room. If, on the contrary, you take too large a format, you risk overwriting the space. We will therefore choose a model that is neither too small nor too large, but always a size proportional to that of the room. Some interior design experts recommend taking a carpet whose dimensions are equivalent to a quarter of the area of ​​​​the room.

Choice of shape

Carpets are to the floor what paintings and canvases are to the walls: these accessories allow you to dress and decorate your interior with style in addition to bringing the room to life. Like the dimensions, the choice of shape is not random. The carpet for a small room must be in perfect harmony with the configuration of the latter. For a small surface, prefer a modern geometric rug with simple and classic shapes: squares, rectangles or rounds. These clean-lined rugs add perspective and make the room feel bigger. Add to the look of a small room, also consider the long and narrow carpet. All in length, the latter will give an impression of depth, as in the corridor of a hotel. These rugs are also suitable for furnishing an L-shaped room, whose design they reproduce on the floor as if to indicate the path to follow. Arranged in an L, two rectangular rugs will structure the decor, creating an appearance of order and symmetry: the room will gain in size and clarity. Finally, you can bet on a surprise effect or personalize the decor of a cramped space with the help of a small rug, but with an original shape: Hexagonal or mosaic in an entrance or on the landing, in front of the door. In the shape of a fish or a starfish in a bathroom. Leaf-shaped in a living room or bedroom. Likewise, all decorative styles are allowed: an ethnic print for a bohemian effect, and white dots depicting snow for decor. Finally, for a refined setting, bet on shades and find out here how to make your floor chic with a rug.

With or without patterns?

When it comes to interior design, there are certain immutable rules. For small rooms, the idea is to provide maximum brightness. When choosing the carpet, we will therefore prefer light colours, pastels and plains. If you want to have a patterned abstract geometric rug bet on a model with a light background with geometric or graphic prints. Pay attention to curves, arabesques, floral motifs and kaleidoscopes which tend to weigh down the atmosphere. For a small room, this is a decorative misstep not to be made.

Choosing a rug for a child's room

For small spaces, it is always preferable to adopt bright colours, even pastel shades. However, nothing prevents you from using brighter colours to brighten up a child's room. When buying a rug for a small room, if you plan to take a model with warm colours, refer to the atmosphere and the decoration of the space to be dressed and take care to choose complementary colours or cameos. Concretely, the colours that have a primary colour in common are very complicit, like red and orange for example.

Bring warmth to the room

When choosing your rug for a small room, don't forget to emphasize the cocooning side by opting for long-pile models. Very fashionable in the 70s, they are making a strong comeback and are part of the current trend. Be careful though, this type of carpet is not suitable for all rooms. Perfect in the living room and bedroom, it is not recommended for high-traffic areas. The hairs may indeed sag very quickly. Long pile shaggy carpets are also to be avoided in humid rooms where they become real bacteria traps. To put a carpet in the living room that gives a warm impression, you can also bet: On the dimensions of the carpet, or rather on its thickness. In its material of manufacture: wool is perfectly suitable for warming an interior. In its colour; raspberry, coral, mandarin.