When you're focused on removing a dangerous tree from your yard, you could overlook stump removal. When it comes to employing a professional arborist to take down a tree, stump removal should not be the last item on your mind. There are many various ways to remove a stump, just like there are many different ways to remove a tree, and often the cost is not included in the first quote. Before you hire a company to remove your stumps, read the following article about tree removal in Toronto's cost and process. 

Why is Stumps Removal Important?

While a stump can be ugly in a well-kept yard, removing it will improve the appearance and health of the surrounding trees. When a stump is left behind after a tree is removed, it can become infected with fungi that cause wood deterioration. If not addressed, the wood decay fungi can spread to your other healthy trees. Stumps can also serve as breeding habitats for pests. 

Getting a Professional to Remove a Stump

Tree removal professionals can remove stumps from your property in various ways. Their approach should be determined by the type of stump and its current state. If you're having a tree and stump removed, be sure the company explains how they'll get them off your property. 

Methods of Removing a Diseased Tree

Below are some popular stump removal procedures that firms employ to help prepare you for the conversation: 

  1. Stump Grinding

The easiest way to remove a diseased stump or fallen tree is to grind it. Metal teeth cut the wood into chips in a stump grinder. This approach works best on tougher woods like oak, but it can also be used on softer woods with a stump grinder. 

  1. Backhoe/skid steer

Using a backhoe to pull and dig the stump out of the earth is the most expensive way of removal. If the surrounding area is covered with trees and plants, this method is frequently used. Backhoes are extensive equipment that can quickly destroy a well-kept lawn, so experts advise reserving this option for new or larger yards. For small to medium-sized stumps, skid steers use the same procedure. 

  1. Hand-digging method

If you have a little tree with shallow roots, it may be simpler to dig it up with a shovel or ax. This procedure works well when the roots are revealed after digging and then cut and taken from the ground. Hand-digging also saves the cost of tree removal services in Toronto. 

  1. Chemical decontamination

Chemical removal is an option if you want to speed up the decaying process so you can remove the stump. This treatment entails drilling holes in the stump and filling them with chemicals. While chemical removal will hasten the decomposition of the stump, it will still take time to decompose, and it is not as environmentally beneficial as alternative solutions. 

  1. Use of Fire

Another option for getting rid of an unsightly stump in your yard is to burn it. Also, do not forget to check with your local fire department and clean the area of any flammable material. When ready, cut the stump as low as possible to the ground, soften it with a chemical stump remover for a month, soak it in kerosene for a few weeks, and then create a fire on top of it. Although the stump removal process might be time-consuming, hiring a tree removal service like Tree Removal Kings is an excellent alternative.