The pink color has always been the most favorite color of women. Be it jewelry or beautiful dresses, pink color has always topped the charts. Coming to the jewelry, the place of beautiful gemstones is irreplaceable. Besides being an important part of the ornamental industry, gemstones also play a very important role in healing various ailments. Both Western and Vedic astrology has mentioned The Incredible benefits of various gemstones. If you are also looking forward to buying gemstone you can now easily buy Pink Sapphire online from a trusted gemstone dealer.


Coming back to the pink, the gemstone family also has a beautiful Pink Sapphire stone. Over the past few years, the natural Pink Sapphire stone has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. These stunning gemstones are available in different shades of pink with slight hues of other colors as well. Whenever it comes to the beauty of the Pink Sapphire gemstone, color plays an important role. Besides this, the color of the real Pink Sapphire Stone also helps in determining the quality of this incredible gemstone.


Since color is the most important criterion for choosing an authentic Pink Sapphire Stone it is always recommended to buy this gemstone from a trusted gemstone dealer only.


Properties of The Pink Sapphire Stone


  • Color- The color of the pink Sapphire stone Rangers from light pink to dark pink. The gemstone is also said to be found with secondary hues of light purplish pink and orange pink gemstones. The deeper the color of the pink Sapphire stone, the more valuable it is. The most valuable color for astrological purposes is dark pink with purple overtones.
  • Cut- The original Pink Sapphire Gemstones are cut in different shapes depending upon the preference of the person. The Pink Sapphire stones are cut in all shapes like round cut, oval cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, pear cut, etc.
  • Clarity- The Natural Pink Sapphire stones are found with slight inclusions in them which are visible through the naked eye. These inclusions are "silk" or "rutile needles". It is very rare to find a Pink Sapphire stone that is clear, if it is clear then the stone is heat-treated lowering down its value.
  • Carat- The carat weight of the principles to it is dependent upon the person's requirement and priority. You should choose the stone which saves the color & clarity of the Pink Sapphire gem with the weight. 


Origin of The Pink Sapphire Stone


The majority of the natural Pink Sapphire stones are obtained from Madagascar. The Madagascar pink sapphire stones are also considered to be of the finest quality. Other places where the pink Sapphire stone is found are East Africa, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. 


Spiritual Importance of the Pink Sapphire Stone

A real pink Sapphire stone is said to hold special powers in various cultures. Due to its brilliant color, the Pink Sapphire stone is symbolized as the source of trust, loyalty, and peace. The pink Sapphire stone is sometimes used in place of Ruby. This gemstone is known to bring a perfect balance of physical, mental, and spiritual health of the person.