Parents should consider enrolling your children into our English enrichment programs?

Online learning programs are increasing in popularity in Singapore and around the world. Not just in schools, but also in tuition and enrichment centers. In particular, during this outbreak that is affecting the world, online learning has become vital for everyone's health and safety particularly for children.

Is e-learning the way to go for your children? Learning in any way can benefit children, particularly when it is focused on social interaction and adaptability. Learning is fluid and flexible as is the technology which creates a perfect combination.

Lorna Whiston's Online enrichment programs consist of engaging thematic courses that allow students to connect with their classmates on the internet and to develop into responsible digital citizens in this digital age. We also develop 21st century skills by equipping students with vital soft skills like communication creative thinking, critical thinking and collaboration.

We discuss five reasons that parents should motivate their children to participate in online learning.

  1. E-Learning as an Educational Tool

Do you remember the past when learning by rote was the best way to get success? In today's rapidly changing 21st century world, just being a smart book reader isn't enough. Nowadays, students need to learn other fundamental skills to better prepare to face the world. This is a requirement to be able to communicate in real and reel-life - digitally and of course. As educators, we're empowering digital natives with the skills needed to learn to ensure that no child is out of the loop.

"Tell me I'm not paying attention. Learn from me and I'll be able to remember. Engage me and I'll be able to learn" The quote was from Benjamin Franklin. The best way to learn is to be actively engaged in their learning. Students who are enrolled in e-learning learn by engaging with their classmates as well as their teacher. Students will be taught how to use information in a secure manner and acquire ability to identify reliable sources.

  1. E-learning is an Global Education

"The more you study, the better you'll learn. The more you know more, the further you'll visit ", Learning online gives students real-world experiences through digitally transporting students around the world and it is an exciting future of education that is global It transcends boundaries expectations, boundaries, and even imagination. E-learning is also a way to promote equity in learning, accessibility to internet and a computer or laptop allows the possibility of accessing various online educational programs.

Learning through online learning encourages collaboration by involving students in group activities and discussions in groups. Students are taught tolerance and the importance of respecting and actively listening to peers who have diverse life experiences.

Collaboration in learning expands the learning perspectives of all students because they get exposed to the various ways of learning, cultures and passions of one others through interactions. This helps them prepare for the challenges ahead, through being in a position to work with the other students throughout their professional careers. In addition to advancing academically through our courses, students benefit from these intercultural interactions without needing to travel to other countries.

  1. E-Learning provides a range of Courses

The advent of online learning has widened the scope of what students can be taught in just a few hours. The wide range of online courses means you can find something to suit every student; students with various learning styles and in different stages of language acquisition are able to learn at their own speed. "Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves" the author Ernest Dimnet. Every child has the ability to learn, they just learn at various levels and in various methods. Thus, e-learning can help facilitate learning.

It also provides parents with the ability to see the child's interests. Instead of questioning their child's attention to a show parents are now able to discover the passion of their child in real-time and from the comfort at home. This also aids students in understanding the things that interest themand allows them to engage in real-time conversations with their parents about the things they enjoy and don't like.

  1. E-learning promotes discipline and focus

"What do we do now?"Does this sound familiar? The students have lots of energy and are always in need of interesting tasks to keep them busy. However, it can be difficult for parents working at home or care for other children.

Learning online helps focus and develop discipline. Ironically, facing an electronic screen and watching their peers makes students feel excited. When they observe their peers participating in the same way, they will also perform the same. "Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed," said Maria Montessori, she believed that children are the ones who lead their own learning. The closeness to online learning gives an atmosphere of trust and autonomy throughout the learning process that helps children feel confident and self-esteem.

This reduces the possibility that your child is distracted. Our online courses are created with a unique approach to ensure that your child is able to enjoy learning.

Distractions are everywhere on the Internet and on digital devices. When we introduce digital learning to our children, we are able to teach good habits of online, while teaching your child to use the world of digital technology as a tool for learning. The practice of adopting this habit will make your child more responsible and disciplined for their education.

With the help of our enthusiastic and committed teachers Your child will receive personal attention and feedback that will help them increase their understanding.

  1. Learning Soft Skills

Not only does e-learning provide academic information It also assists students to develop important soft skills , such as:

* Adaptability

Learning online teaches your child to have the ability to adapt as the learning process is an entirely different experience. It means that your child needs to become accustomed to attending classes on the internet, and get used to interacting with new students and teachers via the internet as well as becoming familiar with the learning platform online. In essence, it allows your child to adjust to a brand new learning environment and the latest technologies.

*Time management

Learning online teaches your child to manage their time effectively. While juggling their academic schedules with tuition costs or other activities, as well as online learning Your child will be taught how to manage and plan their schedules correctly when faced with a lack of time.

In Lorna Whiston Schools, , innovation is among our fundamental values since we strive to ensure that our students aren't left behind. We see this disease as an opportunity to take advantage of the digital age, by offering online enrichment programs for our students both in Singapore and around the world.

So, we're offering an web-based version of the famous English Enhancement as well as the Speech and Dramaprogrammes:

English Enrichment

This class is intended for students aged 7-16 years old. The goal of this class is to create solid academic foundations by giving students strategies to succeed and empowering them with vital soft skills. Our classes cover fundamental techniques like composition writing vocabulary, grammar as well as listening, reading and speaking.

Drama and Speech

This class is geared towards children aged 7-16 years old. The aim of the class is to help students develop fundamental soft skills using acting as a teaching tool. Students are provided with opportunities to develop awareness and improve your body language, vocal and performance space, to increase their confidence.

A New Hybrid Program: Write up! Speak Up!

This program is highly recommended to parents who are stuck between English Enrichment or the Speech and Drama class. This course is designed to three different levels. The course is a combination of the core elements that are taught in English Enrichment and Speech and Drama. This two-hour class will provide students with the best educational experience, based on intriguing themes.

One on one Online Class

English Enrichment , Speech or Drama

This course is highly recommended for parents looking for an experience more tailored to the needs to their kids. It is designed for students who wish to increase the quality of their English proficiency and gain confidence in communicating. The class will be customized according to the specific requirements of your child and their access to the internet. The 1-on-1 class is designed for children ranging from children aged 5 to adult who want to improve their communication skills.

Why is it taking so long?

We are convinced of the value of international education. Since the time we were founded around 1980, we've earned a reputation for providing top-quality quality education and exceptional teaching across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China and have created an international presence throughout all of our programs.

Through offering our signature programs online, we can provide easier access for students from all over the globe to enroll and take part in our unique enrichment programs.