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Lieutenant npc, they can be found in the road and the cemetery in Alterac Valley. Npc beat these players do not need too much, as long as the enemy is not nearby. Players can escape by way of the enemy, and so far away at the enemy to attack npc.


Kill an enemy army lieutenant will block some of rebirth, which will reduce the main camp of the enemy defense. Alliance and Horde respectively have six Zhongwei, they are, Union: Lieutenant Spencer, Lieutenant Largent, Lieutenant Stouthandle, Lieutenant Greywand, Lieutenant Lonadin, Lieutenant Mancuso. Tribe: Lieutenant Stronghoof, Lieutenant Vol'talar, Lieutenant Grummus, Lieutenant Rugba, Lieutenant Lewis, Lieutenant Murp.




First, let's first talk about quests, quests major upgrade for the coalition forces. Players are responsible for collecting debris from armor with npc enemies, and then collected the armor pieces to their camp blacksmith, blacksmith by casting debris can make the power of one's own camp reaches a certain level, can rise up to three levels,

level 1: 500 Armor Scraps, Tier 2: 1000 Armor Scraps, Tier 3:. 1500 Armor Scraps players used in conjunction with WOW Classic Gold will bring better results.


Note: To upgrade your army camp, a guard (Alliance) or frost wolf clan (tribe) in a storm spear has greater honor or reputation of their players should blacksmith camp and dialogue, and they gave enough resources after asking them to upgrade one's own troops.



Ground Attack

Each camp, players can launch a ground attack on a regular basis after your camp from the pit to collect enough supplies. To do this, you should collect supplies from a pit in advance Alterac Valley, and bring them to the quartermaster your camp there. After all the military preparations adequate supplies, military non-commissioned officers will be on the locals attacked, the same players also need to be assisted. Union corresponding quartermaster is Stormpike Quartermaster, Quartermaster tribal corresponding to Frostwolf Quartermaster. Two camps tasks are the same, are all Coldtooth Supplies, Irondeep Supplies. In ZZWOW Buy WOW Classic Gold for the players to be able to save a lot of time and effort, you can get here is the cheapest World of Warcraft gold, before I am here to help me buy vanilla gold exchange a lot of epic equipment and weapons in the game, With their blessing, let me get stronger!