Do you want to plan a great weekend for a friend's birthday? Is he excited to do something thrilling and adventurous this time? If yes, then call the best VR Aracde and enjoy an amazing weekend playing thrilling VR escape games.

Many VR arcades allow players to play single-player and multiplayer VR escape room games at their centers. They provide you with a vast selection of games from which you can choose to immerse yourself in a new universe. Furthermore, it provides an exciting experience and memories that you can share even after a long time of playing the game.


Here are some of the most popular VR games that you should definitely try with your friends and family:


  • Arizona sunshine (Zombies):


Arizona Sunshine is one of the most popular games, with the majority of players being teens who enjoy zombie games. As a result, it is widely played in VR centers. In this game, four friends are stuck in a zombie apocalypse where they have to fight zombies in order to win. This is a thrilling VR game where you fight the dead and put them back to rest.


  • Cosmos (zero gravity):


Cosmos is the perfect game if your friends love space games or the zero gravity zone. Players in this game have the impression that they are all astronauts trying to reach their space station by surviving in space. Thanks to the game's mechanics and technology, players can do magical feats such as blasting lasers with their hands, fighting robots and even moving objects with telekinesis.


Enter the best VR Aracde with your friends to play the most exciting VR escape room multiplayer games.