True joy resides in small thing in life. It is so impressive how tiny things can bring so much happiness to our otherwise mundane lives. Take example of stickers, they are literally the cutest items to exist. Everyone loves them! When we were small kids, my friends and I used to put stickers on our arms to pretend that we have got tattoos. We got so obsessed at one point that we started putting them on any surface we could find. It included our refrigerator, dinner table, dad’s scooter, black and white television, cupboards, closets, mirrors and basically on every door of our homes. Those were days filled with laughter and silly pranks. We grow up but some old habits just don’t die with time. We still adore stickers as much as we did back then. A few days ago, I mentioned to my friend about custom bike stickers in India. He is thrilled about getting them soon.

Back in those times, it wasn’t easy to get any print we desired in stickers. It was purely out of luck that we used to stumble upon stickers that we really wanted. Collecting Pokémon stickers and WWE wrestlers’ stickers was a craze among kids during those days. Kids used to compare and compete with others for who had possession of better stickers. Some of the stickers were never used because of how rare they were and so hard to come by. Cut to present, it is so easy to print stickers of one’s choice these days. There is no more waiting for them and no more trying of luck to get exactly what you want. Why wait when you can create them?

Some people use stickers to express their personality through them and why not? They are cheap, easily accessible, cute and surprising. By looking at someone’ collection of stickers, including those they have pasted on their laptop, mobile phone, bike, mirrors and other places, you can tell a lot about them. If they are into a particular type of hobby, like trekking, then you will be able to find clues hinting at it. Fans of K-drama can be spotted with their choice of stickers featuring Korean artists, Korean food and song lyrics printed in the form of stickers. You can find out the kind of artists a person like by looking at the stickers they have chosen to display. Sometimes, people get their stickers made with their own name printed on them.

Small business owners often use custom stickers as freebies. They send them to their customers with an order placed by them. Receiving free gifts with a purchased item is surprising and a positive experience for the buyers. This helps in establishing a bond between the business owner and their customer. These stickers don’t have to be about anything in particular but they can be targeted at the marketing of the business by including their brand logo and something regarding the brand. Some cute customized stickers can be created on an online printing store at super affordable rates.