As a solar service group, we’re here to offer you a range of solar power resources that are intended to make your life a little easier and your energy a little more dependable and eco-friendly. With our solar power, solar battery, and solar pool heating solutions, you can have a more sustainable answer to your general energy needs, such as how you’ll light up a large-scale, commercial space on a budget, use sun-reliant energy when the sun isn’t present during a storm, or how you’ll get your pool summer-ready without rocketing your utility bill.

Solar Devices
There are different devices that can be powered by your solar energy, but also different tools that we can install into your home to emit solar energy, when it’s needed. First, standard solar panels are available for everyday use to power your lights indoors. Solar power can be used immediately if the sun is present and visible, while solar batteries can help store some of the energy for later use. Solar energy is also popularly used for heating systems and can rapidly increase your power savings during the winter, when heating is likely needed the most.

Solar Power
Solar power, in general, refers to energy that is trapped by natural sunlight and converted to renewable energy that is used to power our electrical outlets, heating systems, and much more. Solar power has long been used as the environmentally-friendly alternative to generated power, which is more costly and less efficient to operate. Solar power enables the user to store and use energy in a more durable and sustainable way, without relying on utility companies to generate the same level of power and for more money over time.

Solar Battery Storage
Sydney Solar battery storage refers to the solar batteries that are integrated into a residential or commercial space and are able to store natural energy from the sunlight when the sun is at its peak, and can be used at a later time when the sun is less visible, such as in the winter or on rainy days. Solar battery storage is an ongoing solution so that you always have a backup resource for energy if you’ve completely converted your space or lifestyle to renewable energy sources. Solar batteries, like solar panels, also require some maintenance and general upkeep to ensure that they’re operating efficiently and storing enough energy over time as well.

Solar Heating Panels
Some of the other uses that solar power has, though, include using the energy for water heating, either for indoor use or for your pool. The difference is that solar energy used to heat the water from your tap is done on the spot, while a solar pool heating system instead gradually heats the pool with the existing water that’s already there. This saves you money on refilling your pool with more water, decreasing the water that’s wasted, and ensures that you always have a system to rely on each summer when the pool is ready to be used.