I remember reading this profound quote somewhere a long time ago. It said, that the handwriting of a person is the written equivalent of their voice. Meaning, the curve of the letters and the slant of the writing that we observe in a person’s hand written words is somewhat similar to the vibrations and tone of their voice. How can one possibly replicate that in a typed note? It was such a beautiful hypothesis. Maybe that is the reason why we regard pens with such respect. They give us the power of creating art in the form of words. In ancient times, when a typewriter or computer did not exist, it was through writing on paper that helped people in communicating via letters. Some greatest pieces of classic literature were created using ink pens. In current times, they hold the same importance and hence, a personalized pen is considered a classy choice of gift. 

When you give someone a personalized pen, you are essentially giving them a name with pen (their own name, of course) as a token of love. One way to express gratitude is to reciprocate the love you received from someone in the form of a physical gift. A pen is the most ideal gift item because of many reasons. Some of the reasons for considering it so are listed below:

Budget Friendly 

The most awesome thing about pens is that they fit all budgets. Even if you have just 10 bucks in your pocket, you can still manage to buy a pen and present it to someone as a gift. From basic ball point pens to Pierre Cardin pens, you can have them all under a low budget. There are pens available to fit the budget of a school student as well as the budget of a corporate company. 

All Purpose 

They are the most intimate yet, can be the least intimate gift items to be chosen for someone. You can buy pens from a store and gift one to your husband and at the same time, give them to someone from your work place without appearing as if you are giving them something extremely personal. Basically, you can consider a customized pen as a suitable gift to be given to someone without jumping the boundaries between a personal and professional item. You can give a pen to a close one on their birthday, farewell, first day of college, starting of a new job and in many more contexts.


They are hands down the most practical and sensible items to be given to someone. Almost everyone uses a pen to write with. Whether it is for taking notes, writing exams, making art, practicing handwriting or just taking down an address, we all need them some way or the other. We cannot rely on technology entirely and some of us enjoy using them.

Elegant Looking

They are super elegant looking. They also come in various models, shapes, colors and sizes. You can even buy a pen attached to a pen drive these days.No matter what your budget is and what your purpose is, I’m sure a pen will fit in all of them!