Polkastarter Clone - Time to launch a decentralized IDO platform like Polkastarter 

Tackling The Fundraising Obstacle with Polkastarter 

Cryptocurrencies are at their prime time in recent days. More crypto projects are being launched in the digital space. But not all of them are flourishing as they lack the main element - "FUNDS." Here comes the part of IDO, a.k.a Initial DEX Offering. The fundraising process is carried out on a dedicated platform - IDO Launchpads. 

These IDO launchpads help raise funds for potential crypto projects. Polkastarter is one of the prominent decentralized platforms best known for raising funds. Many crypto folks show thumbs up to Polkastarter as the decentralized fundraising platform has a user-friendly design and other benefits. 


Reason To Develop A Polkastarter Clone 

Polkastarter clone is a 100% pre-engineered solution of the famous decentralized exchange Polkastarter. The clone has all the essential features that make things uncomplicated for entrepreneurs. 

Since the clone scripts are customizable, platform owners can add some additional features and also enhance the level of security. 

Cross-chain swaps, KYC integration, and Anti-scam features are some of the best features of a Polkastarter Clone.


Steps Involved In The Development Of An IDO Launchpad Like Polkastarter 

  • Stage 1 - Planning 
  • Stage 2 - Whitepaper creation 
  • Stage 3 - Design and development 
  • Stage 4 - Token creation 
  • Stage 5 - Marketing and fundraising 
  • Stage 6 - Listing services 
  • Stage 7 - Product development 


Benefits of Polkastarter Clone 

Some of the main advantages of Polkastarter Clone are: 

  • Instant trading 
  • Reliability 
  • Immediate liquidity 
  • Fair trade is possible 
  • Cost-efficient 


On An Endnote 

If you are a budding crypto entrepreneur who wants to create an impression in the digital sphere, Polkastarter clone development could be rewarding. Since the competition is high, many Polkastarter clone developers exist in the market. You can easily get in touch with a reliable one by conducting tedious research.