India is primarily an agricultural country, with agriculture employing two-thirds of the labour force. Agriculture accounts for 15.35 percent of the total population and employs more than half of the workforce. India is primarily an agricultural country, with agriculture employing two-thirds of the labour force. Coimbatore is one of the most well-organized cities in South India, both in terms of climate and industry. A sign of hope for developments in all areas around villages, including agriculture, is a rise of more than 71 percent in places where rural education is inadequate. The nation's structure is made up primarily of youngsters ready to enrol in one of the top engineering colleges in Coimbatore. The current circumstance illustrates the importance of including the younger generation, who are capable of comprehending new agricultural inventions and processes. With this circumstance, individuals encounter a substantial challenge in locating the best agricultural engineering colleges in Coimbatore.

KIT will be the superlative decision when you are looking out for the best agricultural engineering colleges in Coimbatore. With the goal of making a global impact in the field of engineering and technology Vijayalakshmi Palanisamy Charitable Trust established KIT -Kalaignarkarunanidhi Institute of Technology in the year 2008. Being one of the Best engineering colleges in coimbatore, KIT- Kalaignarkarunanidhi Institute of Technology, is easily accessible from Coimbatore Railway Station and Coimbatore Civil Aerodrome.

The college aims in delivering complete knowledge and wisdom through educational and job-oriented training especially targeting young minds pursuing engineering, technology and management programmes thereby transforming them into a intellectually bright, critically intense and creatively powerful individual. 

Few highlights of KIT college includes the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Lab for advanced research in the field of agriculture, with a focus on precision agriculture, is the most remarkable characteristic that distinguishes KIT as one of the highly facilitated agricultural engineering colleges in Coimbatore. Precision agriculture (PA) applications that use unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with multimodal sensors face challenges with adaptability in terms of dependability, precision, and timeliness. Another main reason for coming under the category of is the engaging classy library of KIT which is a knowledge  treasure house.


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