Laminated doors are slowly but surely gaining popularity in home interiors because they are cost-effective, durable, and can instantly add more personality to the space they are installed in. On top of this, one can choose from a wide range of laminated door designs based on their preferences and the existing aesthetics of the space. Whether you are contemplating replacing your old door with a new one or buying a door for the first time, here are some reasons to consider installing laminated doors.

1- They are cost-effective. 

Laminates are mass-produced and are, therefore, more affordable than many other surfacing materials. You can install premium quality laminated doors without exceeding your budget. Their installation is also easy which does not require expensive labor. Laminated doors also do not require any finishing or coating and come with a factory-printed design layer, so you save on the finishing and painting costs. 

2- They are moisture resistant. 

Laminated doors are a good alternative for wooden doors as they are resistant to moisture avoiding any potential issues of warping. No wonder many homeowners install laminated doors in damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Premium laminates from leading manufacturers are especially treated with certain chemicals to offer water-resistance. Note - Though laminated doors can be installed in bathrooms, it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect the base from contact with excess water. 

3- They are available in a wide variety of designs. 

Laminated doors come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Whether you want to give your room a luxurious look or want to add a dash of color to it, you can easily find a laminated door that will match your home’s decor and improve its aesthetic appeal. Laminated doors are available in different textures and finishes too. 

4- They are easy to maintain.

Laminate is very easy to maintain which makes laminated doors the ideal option for homeowners who do not have the time or inclination to regularly work on maintaining their doors. Premium quality laminates are abrasion and stain-resistant and even offer weather-resistance which means unlike other surfacing materials, they do not expand or contract when subjected to temperature changes.

5- They offer superior durability. 

Laminate doors are exceptionally durable. They don’t chip or break, nor do they become dull over time. High-quality laminate doors are more impact and scratch-resistant than hardwood and vinyl doors. They also last longer. Laminates are scratch-resistant, which make laminate doors the right choice for families with kids and/or pets. 

To Conclude

Doors are an important part of a home not because of their functional benefits but also from an interior decor perspective. Laminated doors are a great option for door surfacing if one  is looking for a durable, low-maintenance, premium looking and budget-friendly surfacing solution. If you are in the market for laminated doors, choose a reputable supplier of laminated door solutions which offer a wide range of laminated door design options along with long-term warranty. To make your selection easy, go through their wood door design catalogue to understand what’s trending and what will work for your space.