What are the common flushing methods for wash down closets(https://www.yusongroup.com/product/bathroom/ceramic-sanitary-wares/toilets/)? Which is best? There are two types of toilet flushing methods: straight flush and siphon; the upgraded version of the siphon is jet siphon and whirlpool siphon. 1. Straight-flushing: Note that the sewage pipe is straight, the water pipe is very thick, the use of water gravity acceleration, simple and rough is very effective, easy to wash down larger dirt, so you don't need a wastebasket in the bathroom. Water-saving is also good. But the disadvantage is that the flushing sound is loud, the toilet at night is easy to affect the family, and because the water storage surface is small, it is prone to scale, and the anti-odor function is not as good as the siphon toilet. 2. Siphon type: pay attention to the sewage pipe, the structure is "S" type, which is improved from the "straight-through type". After the sewage pipe is filled with water, there will be a certain water level difference, forming suction to drain the stool. "Siphon", as the name implies, mainly relies on suction, not the straightforward, simple and crude way of reliance on the impulse of water, so the sound is relatively small, and the water cover can be made larger without splashing the bottom. 3. Jet siphon: the mainstream in the market, what is the main thing about flushing noise, deodorization, and good flushing effect; the key is to look at the sewage pipe, there is a nozzle opposite the nozzle, this is the key. Of course, the water is relatively large, what? I can afford a toilet for thousands of dollars, but I can't use water. In addition, because the sewage pipe is relatively thin, it is necessary to equip it with waste paper baskets and scrapers. 4. Vortex siphon: still look at the outlet of the sewage pipe, this is too easy to use, every day to see whether the toilet sewage outlet can not eat, this is the sorrow of this industry, we have made a huge contribution to the sanitation Contribute, but it won’t be on the stage for a long time. If you want to know more about toilets (https://www.yusongroup.com/product/bathroom/ceramic-sanitary-wares/toilets/) related products, welcome to visit our official website.