Easy Extra Home Storage Solutions

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Almost everyone can use extra home storage. It helps keep your home beautiful and uncluttered. Here are 4 easy solutions to create more storage space in your home. I even threw in a bonus idea. Check it out. Almost everyone can use extra home storage. Even if your home has a lot of built-in storage D.J. Johnson Hawkeyes Jersey , you can always find uses for additional spaces in which to stash items out of sight. Keeping down clutter in your home is a major task, and the more storage you have, the better off you are Desmond King Hawkeyes Jersey , and the easier it is to keep everything in its place.

Here are 4 ways you create extra storage space in your home.

1. Free Standing Cupboards:

Inexpensive free-standing cupboards are available online and in big box stores. These are a great addition for any free space in your home. They come in various heights, widths, depths Cedric Boswell Hawkeyes Jersey , colors and finishes. They can be found in models to fit a corner and outfitted in a variety of styles such as drawers, shelves and clothes racks.

2. Under the Bed (in a neat, organized way):

Low profile flat storage containers both with and without wheels are one of the best ways to store off-season clothing or linens. These units will slide right under a bed and be out of sight and out of mind until they are needed. Other plastic storage containers come in many sizes and have locking lids that prevent moisture and pests from penetrating the container. These are best for storing out of season decorations or anything that you use very seldom. They can be stacked in an attic C. J. Beathard Hawkeyes Jersey , garage or basement until they are needed.

3. Store Things in Furniture:

Another option is storage ottomans or footstools. Storage ottomans can take the place of a coffee table and both types have internal storage space for your living room clutter. They can be upholstered in any fabric you choose to coordinate with your other furnishings. The living room is also an excellent place to make use of those antique trunks or suitcases for storage. Trunks make fabulous coffee tables and stacked suitcases make interesting and eye catching end tables.

4. Using Unusable Spaces:

Upper floor space under eaves, where there is really no headroom for standing, is usually just dead space in a home. Built in cabinets or shelves will allow you to use these areas Barrington Wade Hawkeyes Jersey , that otherwise are wasted space. If you need to store larger things than would fit on shelves or in cabinets, simply hang a decorative Greenhouse fabric curtain around the area to hide the large objects. Bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms are good choices for building niches directly into the wall. The niches will not be very deep Adrian Clayborn Hawkeyes Jersey , but can hold small or decorative items. Of course, any empty wall space is ideal for wall mounted or floating shelves.

Bonus: Organize Your Storage

Creating a place for storage is just the first step to storing things. You also need that storage space to be well organized both to make it look nice and so you can find the things you are storing. Try using small baskets or bins with lids to store small items in closets and cupboards. The bins can be labeled to make everything easy to find when you need it.

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