Mineral water, as we all know, is good for health. However, we need to know what these health benefits actually are. Ordinary tap water does contain minerals, but no one knows which type or whether there is enough. Tap water may contain too much iron, which in some areas it does. Excess to iron is not beneficial. Therefore, to ensure that the body gets adequate minerals in the right proportion, one must rely on water that has been treated and contains the right kind of minerals.

The water supply today is sometimes not suitable for drinking. Boiling the water does not remove microorganisms effectively. Boiled water tastes awful; that is another disadvantage. It is perhaps best to buy mineral water produced by a reliable and known brand, at least for drinking.

Big companies such as Bisleri test the water before sending it for purification. If the water is found to be too contaminated, then that water is rejected. This first step removes suspect water. The water then goes through a series of purification processes. There is filtration and the use of the reverse osmosis process, which is very effective in removing even the smallest of bacteria. All this is done by modernised machinery, and human contact is absent. Then there is the ozonation process which improves the quality of the water. After all this, the required minerals are added to the water. These minerals. Potassium and calcium, among others, are all beneficial for health. The mineral water is then machine packed in food-grade plastic containers and sealed. It is this water which is better to drink. This water is free of microbes and bacteria and has the minerals for healthy water.

Using water which has just been filtered has risks. The filtration may not remove all the bacteria. Ordinary filtration removes the larger elements of dirt and other undesirables from the water. It needs proper modern high-tech machinery to do the job properly. Therefore getting good mineral water makes more sense.

There are home machines which use the reverse osmosis process to purify water. This is not advisable for two reasons. It may not remove all the impurities and wastes a lot of water. The other important thing is that it removes minerals from the water.

There are minerals which are vital for health. Magnesium is one such mineral. If magnesium levels go down in the body, it affects many things adversely. It raises blood pressure for one. Muscle weakness and cramps, among other issues. Therefore drinking water which has been infused with these essential minerals is a healthy option.

Among the other minerals present in mineral water are - sodium, bicarbonate, iron and zinc. All these minerals have different functions in the human body and are very important. Water intake with these minerals present reduces the risk of missing out. Trying to balance the intake of these minerals with food intake does not work all the time.

Lack of calcium can cause weak bones, which is a serious problem for a growing child. Elements like magnesium and potassium also help in the circulation of blood. Its importance is self-evident.

Therefore, it is best to rely on mineral water for the body's essential minerals. To try and figure out the intake of these minerals by manipulating the diet does not always work. It is a complex issue, not easily solved. There is the question of the purity of the water, which can affect your health. If some harmful bacteria gets into the water and you drink it, the outcome could be a health issue.