"Also for me personally as a Cowboys fan to possess the Madden players right facing me, and to have the ability to play instant mut coins and talk with a person about the seasons he played along with his philosophy of how Madden is, is something I do not believe I'll ever get the opportunity to do again." The 34-year-old Massey and video games have been playing since he was about 8 years of age. The Madden series has received the bulk of his attention. "In the past, my wife has told me to stop playing video games, but I think she has learned it's not just a pastime for me personally," Massey said. "I am actually good at it. I have demonstrated that stage."

His recent esports triumph wasn't his first. His spouse travels to those events with him, and the household has reaped the benefits of his game art. "It's a game now, and there's money to be made," Massey said. Massey was a competitor for Army Esports throughout the Frisco tournament, and he spoke to the program's representatives about becoming a full-time team member in the future. He said they are interested in him, but Madden is not a part of the stock at the moment.

"They can't formally make me a part of their team till they embrace Madden," he further explained. "I wish to work with them, and I think that they may adopt Madden, but I'm not sure. It would be a fantastic chance for me to do what I really love and serve the Army too." The Army Esports Team is a Recruitment Control project intended to establish connections with potential enlistees through the emerging-yet-popular esports community and its aggressive events.

"If we're going to be prosperous in recruiting, then we need to be where young people are -- and they're working in the digital world," was the monitoring of Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, commanding general for USAREC, when the esports application was launched. Individuals can trace them on social websites at facebook.Massey also is working toward playing professionally, further fueled by his encounter with the celebrity Madden players while in Texas to buy Madden 20 coins. The belt winners gave him hints on which he wants to do to become a fulltime gamer along with the standing he wants, which he is currently working toward.