PVC blister molded stainless steel kitchen cabinets, as an important type of stainless steel overall kitchen cabinets, have the characteristics of environmental protection, long life, easy to clean and so on. How is PVC Blister Molded Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Made? First, the pattern is formed on the medium-density substrate by engraving and milling, and then the stainless steel kitchen cabinet is covered with PVC by a plastic suction method to form a PVC plastic molded stainless steel kitchen cabinet. The manufacturing process of plastic processing is as follows: cutting board-punching-milling-spraying-laminating (PVC).

  1. Cutting board

The operator needs to perform one-to-one cutting according to the size of the overall stainless steel kitchen cabinet. The length and height of the cut should be reduced by the thickness of the two layers of PVC.


    The hinge hole should be used to make a plastic heat frame. Pay special attention to the direction when hitting the hinge hole.


According to the specifications of the door type, the router must be properly selected before the router. Because the speed of the tool reaches 20000r / min, the tool must be firmly fixed before the router and cannot be loosened. The milling type of the stainless steel kitchen cabinet must be horizontal and vertical. The arc connection at the turn should be natural and consistent in depth.

4, polishing

Polishing stainless steel kitchen cabinets is a very important process, and its effect directly affects the appearance quality of stainless steel kitchen cabinets. When sanding, first remove the marks left by machining with grit. Then fine-ground it with fine sand. Ensure that the stainless steel kitchen cabinet is smooth and smooth without scratches, especially at the corner transitions. After grinding the fine sand, check whether there are dents on the surface of the board.

5, spray glue

The amount of glue used must be appropriate and sprayed uniformly. The compressed air used for glue spray must be filtered by the oil-water separation device to ensure the quality of glue spray.

  1. Lamination (pvc)

Before putting the stainless steel whole kitchen cabinet into the blister machine, it is necessary to strictly check whether there are fine hard rubber particles sprayed. When the film covers the stainless steel cabinet. The blister workbench must be tightly pressed around to prevent air leakage, and then the blister workbench is pushed into the vacuum chamber to warm up and evacuate. During operation, the working temperature of the vacuum chamber and the pressure of the vacuum pressure pump must be strictly controlled.

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