There is no end to the spread of Islamic values to all Muslim even your child. It is for this reason that parents teach their children at an early age.

Although teaching your child about Islamic values is difficult, there are plenty of grants from Allah when you approach it right. As your child becomes the next generation of those in the Muslim community, it's best to educate them about the great virtues of Islam.

Here are some tips from the Quran that you can use to help teach your child regarding Islamic values. Check them out below!

Educate your child in Islam

As a parent of an aging child it is important to teach them Islamic values in particular. Inform them about Islam because it is their faith which is given through Allah to them, so that they can become Muslim. This becomes one of the ways on how to educate your child in Islam.

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Teach your child your child the importance of Islam as an Islamic religion through stories to bedtime, which can assist your child to learn about the concept easily. Additionally, Allah mentions on the Quran surah Al-Baqarah verse 132 on the subject.

And Abraham willed (say) it to his children, as well as Jacob. “O, my children! Verily Allah has chosen this religion for you, so do not die unless you are Muslim.” (QS 2:132)


Develop an Habit of doing good deeds

Islamic values include a variety of useful things to be done including doing good deeds and a five-day fast or fasting, and numerous others. Many of them require lots of repetition before becoming a habit for your child. It could be as simple as the approach you choose in teaching youngsters the art of reading Quran.

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Involving your child to do good deeds such as helping one another could help in bringing Islamic values to your children. A five-day prayer with them could be a great method to accomplish it. It could be one of the methods to help teach your children to fast.

As that is mentioned in Quran Surah Al Anam verse 160 below.

Whoever does good will be rewarded ten times as much as his deeds. And whoever does evil is recompensed in proportion to his evil. They are not harmed in the slightest (oppressed).” (QS 6:160)


Importance of Islamic values

The teaching of your child the importance of Islamic values is linked to the consequences that make them to be a responsible person. Muslims are aware that everything is a part of this world as well as in the next to Allah's mercy.

This is the reason it is crucial to educate your child at an young time about Islamic values in the context of consequence and responsibility for them. As is stated in the Quran Surah Al Anam verse 164 below

Say (Muhammad), “Should I seek a god other than Allah, even though He is Lord of all things. For every sin a person commits, he alone is responsible. And one will not carry the burden of another’s sins. Then to your Lord, you will return, and He will tell you what you used to dispute about.” (QS 6:164)

Fulfilling their obligation to Islamic values

Giving your child a reward for doing something good and fulfilling their obligation to Islamic values could be extremely effective things to reward them. This will not only help your child develop their capabilities in performing regular Islamic obligation, but helps them establish a habit that is that is natural.

Make a set of rules between your child and you to help them learn the Islamic values that are part of the family. Be cautious about the rewards you offer to your child and make sure to make sure you balance the reward with the consequences if they violate the rules. It is possible to apply it when you follow the steps to teach salah to toddlers.

Patient is one of the virtues

Be kind to your children when informing them of Islamic principles is essential. Parents must be aware that their child will absorb all knowledge, and they require time to adjust.

When you give time to your child, parents could evaluate the teaching their children's progress. This can increase the patience of all parents as they are able to be enjoying the process. In addition, patient is one of the virtues Allah is the fondest of. You can also take Quran surahs to read each morning in order to lessen the anxiety you feel about patience.

As that is mentioned in Quran Surah Al Baqarah verse below, you will find 153.

O you who believe! Seek help (to Allah) with patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with those who are patient.” (QS 2:153) 

Also, here are some suggestions you can use in order to educate your child about Islamic principles. They are all useful that are based upon the Quran.