Certificate attestation process is mandatory for anyone immigrating to countries like Kuwait. It has to be done according to the guidelines of the Kuwait government. Otherwise, there is a chance that your visa can be rejected by the Kuwait authorities.


Kuwait certificate attestation is required for getting a work visa to Kuwait. Personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, experience certificate, etc are needed for getting a residential visa, spouse visa, or family visa in Kuwait. Immigrant students also require certificate attestation for their educational documents for getting admission in schools and universities in Kuwait.


For an Indian immigrating to Kuwait, the main certificate attestation procedures include state attestation, MEA attestation and embassy attestation. HRD attestation is done for educational documents, while Notary attestation/Home attestation is done for personal documents. Other than HRD and Notary attestation, you can also do SDM attestation for educational and personal documents. After that, the documents are attested from the Ministry of External Affairs. After getting MEA attestation, the documents are attested from the Kuwait embassy or consulate in India. MOFA attestation is done once you reach Kuwait.


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