Malaysia is a country that draws the attention of many foreign investors, simply because of its strategic land and bountiful resources that is able to match up to the expectations of investors in terms of manufacturing. Therefore, in the early 90s decade, many investors were keen on investing or establishing their manufacturing grounds in Malaysia. Back in the days, locals were keen on working in these factories and hiring workers was extremely convenient. However, today’s era has been a drastic change in which Malaysians are no longer interested in working in the manufacturing sector, which is obvious due to the development of their status, many are directed in the direction of academics and gradually involved in developing their lifestyle and to make it for the better. Due to that the government, investors and stakeholders had to initiate an alternative to keep the business going, to avoid the withdrawal of investors which may result in the downfall of the Malaysian economy, which is to bring in foreign workers from countries that are economically down, in order to support partner countries in remittance into the country. 

However having to hire foreign workers are never an easy task, as it takes might, wellness and fortunes. Having to hire and recruit an individual or team from a certain part of the world is extremely a challenge therefore to have a foreign worker is never an easy way to sway away. The Malaysian government have set numerous regulations that are needed to be abided by the employers, source countries, and a manpower agency in Malaysia.

Here are some of the tips by a recruitment agency in Selangor on how to efficiently recruit foreign workers:


1. Importance of studying the nature of the client’s business

The initial process of hiring a foreign worker lies down to the functionality of a certain business. For instance, the nature of a business, the type of task and work that are to be carried out by the workers, is a very crucial step to follow and study, simply because the government of Malaysia have set a certain type of job and task are only allocated to certain nationalities. Therefore, understanding which nationality would be apt for a certain business depends on the task. 

2. Efficient in handling an unprecedented situation 

Hiring foreign workers may be one of the best investments for factories, as the results of the manufacturing output are simply outstanding, and their dedication and commitment to their work are exponential. But having to ensure their welfare is well sorted out, maybe a slight challenge in cases such as ensuring they have a conducive environment to live in and are able to commute to work with no issues, and their documentation is well-sorted in a timely fashion. This would indeed require a manpower agency to handle this situation. 

3. Understanding the new introduction and development 

In recent days the government of Malaysia have introduced a new form for quota application which is through fwcms, by introducing a centralized management system to the whole process. The introduction of a one-stop centre makes it much convenient and for agencies and employers to apply their quota applications. However, the site has been reported to have several issue.

Last but not least, these are the things that are needed to be understood in the basis of recruiting foreign workers.