What is Polar Fleece Blanket Fabric's wool?
Fleece is a soft fabric with a fleece surface for excellent insulating properties. It maintains body temperature very well and is perfect for cold weather. This is a warm fabric that is available in a variety of materials. Although the fabric is named after a cashmere coat, it's not entirely natural. Most pile fabrics available today are made from polyester fibers, but can also be made from cotton, hemp, and rayon fibers. This woven fabric is a breathable, low-cost alternative to wool that is durable and resistant to abrasion.

What is wool for?
When you think of wool, consider versatility. Fleece fabrics are used to make a variety of garments, but are most commonly used for thermal clothing.

Wool is the fabric of choice for warmth due to its insulating properties. From ear protectors and vests to hats, coats, gloves and blankets, there's something for everyone. They're also great for sportswear, as they keep athletes dry while still allowing their bodies to breathe through the fabric. Wool is perfect wherever wool can be worn, especially because it's both warm and lightweight.

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