Stainless steel kitchen cabinet is literally a kitchen cabinet made of stainless steel. What types of stainless steel kitchen cabinets are made of? In general, the materials of stainless steel kitchen cabinets are 304 stainless steel and 202 stainless steel.

First, 304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel, also called 18/8 stainless steel in the industry, has a high temperature resistance of 800 degrees, has good processing performance and high toughness. It is widely used in industrial and furniture decoration industries and food and medical industries.

In order to maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, steel must contain more than 18% chromium and more than 8% nickel. 304 stainless steel is a grade of stainless steel produced in accordance with American ASTM standards.

Two, 202 stainless steel

202 stainless steel is one of the 200 series stainless steel, and the 200 series stainless steel is a low-nickel high-manganese stainless steel with a nickel content of about 8% and a nickel-saving stainless steel.

 202 stainless steel is widely used in architectural decoration, municipal engineering, highway guardrails, hotel facilities, shopping malls, glass handrails, public facilities and other places. It is made by high-precision automatic pipe-making equipment, through self-erosion welding, rolling and forming, without any metal filler, filled with gas protection (inside and outside of the pipe) and welded. The welding method is TIG process, and it is used as online solution eddy current. flaw detection.

  Three, 201 stainless steel

201 stainless steel has certain acid and alkali resistance, high density, polished without bubbles, and no pinholes. It is a high-quality material for the production of various watch cases and strap bottom covers. It is mainly used for decorative pipes, industrial pipes and some Slightly stretched articles. Its physical properties are as follows:
1. Tensile strength: 520MPa;
2. Yield strength: 275MPa;
3. Elongation: 55 to 60%;
4. Elastic modulus: 29,000,000 psi equivalent: 203000MPa;
5. Hardness requirements (Brinell hardness) HRB <183N / mm2 (MPa).
6. Density: 280lbs / cubic inch (density 7.93g / cm3).

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