Madden is fun. It is definitely not a soccer simulator but it is a fun game. It has its shitty minutes but so does every other game, ever. No game is perfect and it stinks to listen to people bitch and moan. Is it perfect? No. However, compared to 19 it is 100x better. Most people want to buy Mut 20 coins stand up 10 fumbles a match by hit sticking with every tackle. Sliders are completely needed. My least favorite cfm is just one without custom sliders.

Are there any things that I wish were better in Madden game or even a deeper franchise, of course I do. But I am still enjoying playing with it and am now 4 matches into my 6th year reconstruct with Dolphins. In regards to offline play, like franchise, I 100% believe you are incorrect. And on top of this, I can fix 4/6 of your gripes with sliders.It's not to mention that those problems are not real problems, but you can not expect a perfect game. To say Madden match is"not good at all" only proves to me you will never be happy with ANY video game. Every game has major issues, but comparatively, Madden 20 is a fantastic game.

It just seems like a you trouble, bro. It's a game, just how can it get? Again, Madden game lacks thing, undoubtedly, but Madden game is great. One or the other. Madden is the most popular AAA sports title on the industry. If you're content with the complete lack of precision in aspects they've done well in the past, good for you. You're the exact crowd of casuals they aim to please.

My expectations for Madden 20 weren't really large. During the first reveal, I was pleased with the attributes which were introduced, and I didn't believe there was enough done to enhance my favourite portion of Madden match, which is franchise style. After spending the past week playing with Madden game, I've been pleasantly surprised in many different ways.The Face of the Franchise single-Madden player experience got a great deal of attention throughout the pre-release build, and it worried me. I wasn't sure how persuasive it would be Madden 20 coins, and that I hoped it would not be too much of a focus considering there are a few additional holes I'd like to see full of the Madden experience.