Several times when we look around us in a society or a residential complex, all the houses seem to have the same pattern of home construction and appear the same. This is so because of a streamlined approach that is followed by modern day builders. There are readymade templates that are available for the particular home size that you choose. This is where we stand apart.

At Aeon Spaces, we are a home construction company in Gurgaon which believes in customising and understanding requirements. We understand how personal a home is and how important it is to build it as per one’s needs. Thus, we take the time to understand the customer’s requirements and incorporate it in the actual design. Not just this, even the specifications are tailored as per the needs of the customer. At Aeon Spaces, our strength essentially lies in space planning with efficiency. We take the time to understand, execute, curate and then construct our client’s homes exactly the way the client wants it. 

We follow a customer-centric approach by which our primary motive is to supersede the client's expectations during the home construction process. Thus, we dedicate individualised attention to every project that makes it a successful outcome. It’s a fact that beautiful homes have captivated many people throughout the world. 

Home construction has gradually become increasingly troublesome for clients in the construction aspect. We often come across people who have had a bad experience with their home construction company in terms of delayed timeline, unprofessionalism, budget escalations and many such problems. We understand how important and big a milestone it is for a person to build their dream house and we intend to help you celebrate every bit of it by ensuring your satisfaction and happiness. We at Aeon Spaces are an expert home construction company in Gurgaon with over 10 years in this field and we’re positive that with our expert staff and proper construction techniques, we can build your custom dream home. 

When you work with us, there is no stress. We will create a plan for your project and stick to it! We also guarantee that you're completely satisfied with what we build for you. We are focused on getting the very best results possible. As our staff is made up of highly trained and skilled professionals with experience in construction that goes back decades. Instead of just slapping together cheap materials, we approach things differently. We take the time to fully understand our clients' requirements and more importantly, their vision for what they want to achieve. If it’s a new home or redecorating your old one, two or ten stories high – whatever the case, we'll do our best to make your idea come true! 

Currently, we have several ongoing projects in Sector 28 in Faridabad, Meera Bagh in New Delhi, Sector 17 in Gurgaon, DLF Alameda in Gurgaon and Palam Vihar in Gurgaon.