One of the most widely used libraries for creating React js web applications. React Native is a React JS-based framework for creating mobile apps that has all of the benefits of the latter. Reactjs was invented by Jordan Walke, a Facebook developer. FaxJS, the earliest version of Reactjs, was constructed using XHP (a PHP HTML component library).

In the programming world, React and React Native are two prominent elements. Furthermore, the primary resemblance between React and React Native is that they are both developed and maintained by the same family. Despite being from the same family, they have a lot of differences in terms of appearance and function.


What is react


React is a JavaScript library that may be used to create web application interfaces. By reusing components, React or rather ReactJS aids in the development of a better framework for its products. ReactJS is made up of two parts: HTML code and HTML document. HTML code is used to create the user view layer, also known as the User Interface (UI). All of the components are contained on the HTML page.

React was built by Jordan Walke, a Facebook software engineer. In the year 2011, React was created. React, on the other hand, was designed with Facebook in mind. The React library comes in handy for creating websites and apps. Whatsapp and Instagram are two of the most well-known companies that have embraced React. As a result, React was released to the general public in 2013.


Features of React


React is considerably simpler to understand and put into effect. As a result, any developer who has worked with JavaScript can rapidly pick up React and start developing web applications.


Reusable elements

Reusability of code is one of the most important features of React. Developers' workload is made easier by reusability. Programmers do not need to build separate scripts for related app components. As a result, the code can be reused. As a result, code reusability aids in the reduction of manufacturing costs.


Easy Code Testing

Testing is another important aspect of React. It comes with native tools that make testing and debugging a breeze. The component-based architecture of ReactJS decreases the amount of debugging required. Changes to one component of the app have no effect on the others. As a result, React saves a significant amount of time when it comes to testing and troubleshooting.


SEO Friendly

The use of ReactJS speeds up the creation of web pages. React applications load pages much faster than other types of applications. As a result, React pages have a low bounce rate. Furthermore, React's components, such as React Helmet and React Router, aid in the development of SEO-friendly applications.


Pros and cons of React.js




Easy to learn and use

High pace development

Reusable concepts

View Part

Support of handy tools

Benefits of javascript library

Easier Dynamic Web Application becomes easier

Poor documentation

Seo Friendly

Support testing in code


What is React Native?

To meet the rapidly growing mobile needs, Facebook built React Native, an open-source, cross-platform mobile framework. React Native is an excellent framework for building native mobile apps with reusable components. React Native is a framework that allows programmers to construct Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps using native app components. With the exception of the library components, React Native is built on Reactjs. It has 94.8K stars and 21.2K forks on GitHub.

Features of React Native

Cross-platform Practice

The most important characteristic of React Native is its cross-platform capability. With React Native, a developer can create a single codebase that works across several platforms. As a result, the code can be run on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Community Support

In the programming world, React Native is one of the most popular technologies. In addition, there is a sizable development community on RN. As a result, this community assists us in finding answers to our problems and concerns.

Low Cost

The production cost of React native is minimal. As a result, the organization can reuse codes across platforms for the same feature. Furthermore, RN code has a reusability feature that helps to cut costs.

Time- Savings

The RN cross-platform capability allows you to reuse the same code across multiple platforms. As a result, the developers will spend less time developing the software for other platforms.

Pros and Cons of React Native



Supports Cross-Platform

Lacks in custom module

Hot Reloading

Need to native developer

Faster to build

Less Smooth navigation

Simplified UI

Lacks in security robustness

Fast application

Though learning curve

Smaller teams

Facebook rules


Business benefits of react.js

Virtual DOM

You'll need more than HTML if you're only getting data from the server. Reactjs uses Javascript to build HTML. By a significant margin, the advantages of this technique outweigh the disadvantages. Because of Reactjs' remarkable front-end development features, developers can use Javascript to write HTML. The tree reconciliation technique is used by Reactjs to render HTML graphically. Because it eliminates the need to update all DOM entries frequently, this strategy speeds up the web application.

Code Reusability

One of Reactjs' most well-known features is the ability to reuse components. When developers reuse code, they don't have to write new code for similar program components. This enables faster development at a lower cost. The component-based architecture of Reactjs also reduces the need for frequent debugging. Changes to one feature of the app have no effect on the others. As a result, when it comes to testing and troubleshooting, Reactjs saves a lot of time.

One-way data binding

Reactjs uses one-way data binding to ensure that changes to the child components do not affect the parent components. As a result, each component can stand alone. Minor changes only demand changes to the data model, not the entire state. When a new edit is introduced, a huge amount of the software remains unchanged. As a result of their highly stable code, Reactjs applications are significantly easier to maintain.

SEO- friendly

Reactjs speeds up the rendering of web pages. As a result, the Reactjs app's page loading speed is relatively quick. As a result, the bounce rate of Reactjs web pages has dropped. These factors have a significant impact on the SEP performance of a web application. To summarize, Reactjs optimizes web applications for search engines. Furthermore, with tools like React Helmet and React Router, developers can easily design SEO-friendly web pages.

Business benefits of react native

Enterprise mobility solution

React Native's qualities are one of the key reasons it is the best choice for workplace mobility solutions. React Native is a completely open-source and free framework. As a result, the framework has a vibrant developer community that is continually trying to enhance it. Furthermore, Facebook has committed to supporting the React Native platform in order to give developers the best experience possible. You'll have all you need for a strong start if you use React Native in your mobile app.

Javascript Scripting

Javascript is one of the most extensively used scripting languages. Because of the strong Javascript V8 Engine, developers don't have to bother about writing code for the browser. Javascript also has a minimal learning curve and is simple to use because it is a simple scripting language. As a result, even if the developers run into difficulties when working with it, they can turn to the large developer community for assistance.

Massive Community support

React Native is one of the most popular technologies, according to the Stack Overflow poll 2021. Over any other platform, React Native was preferred by 58% of responders. Over 14.51 percent of developers prefer React Native's usability, and the internet is saturated with queries and answers from the massive React Native developer community. Developers can stay up with the current trends by following React Native's official channels because the community is so large. One of the most appealing features of React Native is that if developers run into any issues throughout the development process, they can easily resolve them with the help of the global developer community.

Cost-effective MVP

Reusability of code is one of React Native's most important features as a cross-platform app development framework. As a result, using React Native to develop your MVP will save you a lot of time because your engineers won't have to write separate code for iOS and Android. Not only does having a single code base for both platforms save time, but it also saves money on app maintenance.

React vs React Native



React Native

Release Date

May 29,2013

March 26,2015



JavaScript, Java, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Python


Web Platform

Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, UWP, and VR

Used for

Developing Web application

Developing Mobile Applications


Uses HTML5 & Supports CSS

It does not support CSS

Developer tools

·     Reactide

·     React Cosmos

·     React Sight

·     Storybook

·     CodeSandbox

·     React Developer tool

·     Evergreen

·     Bit

·     Nuclide

·     Bit

·     Expo

·     React devtools

·     Vim Editor

·     Sublime Text

·     Jest

·     Reduxsauce


Higher Security Standards

Lower Security Standards


Uses Local storage

Uses AsyncStorage





Uses Code Components

Uses React Native Components


Wrapping Up

After reading this article, we can conclude that React and React Native have demonstrated their capacity to provide an environment in which you may successfully develop your projects.Get the help from the best react agency? Start creating with React and React Native!

So the next question is: which is better, React or React Native?

Both React and React Native are excellent in their own right. The user should select technology that is appropriate for their needs. This ReactJS is appropriate for web applications, while React Native is suitable for mobile applications.

Are you still undecided on which framework to choose for your application? Choose the best react development agency that will assist you with determining the framework and developing the application to your specifications.