Now that the Malaysian travel borders are open, it is indeed the most awaited time for most people and businesses. The opening of the Malaysian border is predicted to have substantial growth in the Malaysian economy. Especially in sectors such as tourism, manufacturing which are among one of the most highly demanded sectors, however, which drive a huge sum of profit and contribute to the nation’s GDV. Therefore, business owners from this sector have prevalently seek this announcement from the government to have a more stable production operation.

Therefore, in order to presume a reasonable number of production, these manufacturers seek out manpower agency in Malaysia, to help them with the recruitment and the management procedure for their workers. Simply because it is never easy to recruit foreign workers and manage them as well. The Malaysian government have set the whole policy with rules and regulations of what they would want the agency to provide and bound to. The demand for recruiting foreign workers is undoubtedly high.

Here are some tips on how to apply foreign worker quota in Malaysia.

1. Ensure to have a clean company financial account

Firstly, it is always important to ensure that your company, have a clear financial account, a cleanand ethical company background that shows that the organization is ready and capable of having workers and managing them. This is because some manpower agencies provide services such as advancing payment for workers on behalf of their clients. This again drops a huge sum, for instance, the levi tax fee, worker’s salary, allowance, accommodation, transportation and more. Plus, having to fork out this sum of cash for a large number of workers, is highly costly. Therefore, these manufacturers seek out this foreign worker agency in Malaysia to have their worker's recruitment and welfare taken care of by foreign workers.

2. To have all the necessary portals registered

It is also important to have all necessary portals registered for the process of hiring foreign workers. For instance, to own accounts of MyFutureJobs, FWCMS and more. Therefore, it is particularly important to set a stone on all the needed elements to get started with. This is a step that has to be meticulous or might result in failure.

3. Compilation of important documents

The compilation of documentation is rather challenging, which consists of numerous documentation that is required by the governmental authority. The documentation that is required for this takes a long time and it is important for the one who sorts it to be meticulous and particular about the way the document is compiled and distributed.

4. Waiting process for the Quota Approval

Upon the compilation of the documentation, the required documents are needed to be uploaded to the FWCMS portal accordingly. This process is being assisted by the engaged manpower agency. Upon the application on the portal, it takes a couple of weeks till the officers analyse the documentation announce that the employer is allowed to attend the interview to meet and consult with the officers. Upon passing that, interview employers will have to wait till they receive approval on where they are needed to be.