What is the cause of the syringe mold damage?   Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co , Ltd. Answer:

(1) In plastic injection products, if there are metal inserts, when the metal inserts are placed in the mold opening, due to improper placement or skewing, the mold cavity may cause partial damage, indentation or pits.


(2) Damage to the mold due to high injection pressure, high flow rate, overturning or changing the position of the metal insert.

(3) The mold's parting joint surface is closed for a long time, occasionally there is impurity in the middle or long-term wear of the template sliding part, which causes the template to run non-parallel, so that the tightness of the mold joint surface after clamping is worse, and it is easy to appear. Problems such as flashing of molded products seriously affect the quality of products. At this time, the mold should be inspected and repaired.


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