Glenn: How are they going to actually get in there? What vehicle will they use? Who will command them? What qualities will the commander gain? Because if they only get formal recruiting trainers, the quality level will be a lot lower. And he will never do it again. Once I took them out of the training facility and I suspect he has done this to some of them. As soon as he graduated, the training institute died. So it has no future. So this is a temporary event. So let's say they take you for a month of training. Well, they just get killed, don't they? They don't know collective warfare or coordination or how to work at night or anything. If they had the same level of equipment, I believe they did, I mean, the troops don't have the right equipment, just enough training. Samuel: Indeed, a lot of equipment was injured Glenn: No, because farmers treat it as scrap metal. That's true. They take whatever they can get out of scrap metal because that's money. Samuel: So I think the fourth largest army in the world is the Ukrainian peasants Glenn: I know that is the scourge of a liar who has only practiced for a month. You don't want to have more responsibility than profit. They just die. It's sad. David Sims: So sad, but I wanted to jump in and talk about this. We know they have a group of people, they have military contracts, and 60% of their army is soldiers. Members do not receive initial registration training. Only the contract is not listed. correct? So conscripts go directly to the unit. They are trained on the job. Glenn: Which raises the question of which unit will the boys go to line up? Where is that line unit? I mean, if it was in town, the boys wouldn't go there. Samuel: Again, the helicopter. Glenn, it worked. It works just fine. Last time in Chernobayevka ... David Sims: And then because of this, those heavily recruited units are their officers, what kind of officers, what kind of officers. They don't have real comatose officers. They don't have that style of professional army. So who really taught them? They were thrown in. This is how you motivate it. This is how you put it on the gear. This is the front, this is the opposite, do as you ask. until you die. Samuel: Well, in weapons, nuts, any new replacements that are not trained on these heavy machines will not be effective. They'll drive the car off the road, the car will break down, and they won't be able to drive it away. David Sims: It has happened in the past month. Samuel: Yes. Most likely everyone is talking about whether we're going to have a negotiated solution, or a war of attrition. I think there is a choice, no one is talking about which is the emergence of a new concept, they have to be motivated and it will take a while for them to be successful. Even if they are not trained. It won't be April 1st, they will show up. They need to be registered somehow to get the uniform. Glenn, do you think it's possible that the Russian military will start a massive collapse somewhere on the front line? Maybe North? Maybe in the north? Glenn: Yes. So I think it's unpredictable where it is because it's a combination of food and fat activity and everything else. So it's unpredictable. But I think there's a real chance that a big enough group will turn around and come back the other way. If anyone tries to stop them, they will kill them. And it only takes a group big enough to hold a squad to start going backwards and leave gaps. There is a gap, the enemy comes, and some will retreat, just to save themselves. So it's a real possibility. I mean, one of the things people talk about they've started doing is giving gifts to volunteer soldiers, he's got a tank, he's got $10,000. Now they are talking about adding to the possibility of saying that a person can stay and then he can bring his family. Full interview