Who plays at McGill-Toolen located in Mobile, Ala., is still a three-star prospect . He has a ranking of Mut 22 coins No. 134, down three spots.

The 2022 rankings will be updated one more time following the McDonald's All-American Game, which is scheduled for the 29th of March in Chicago. If all of them stay at the top of the ranking, Arkansas will tie its record for the most Rivals150 recruits in one class. This will match the class of 2011 which also had five.

The 10 high school signings from the time of Eric Musselman have been Rivals150 prospects, as well. The three-year total is equivalent that of the total number of Rivals150 signees Arkansas has had in its previous seven classes combined.

The garbage-talking bros from Madden

Andrew Belton makes a living playing Madden the game, which that he doesn't particularly enjoy.

The videos he makes he takes on "trash-talkers" who send him with a snarky Instagram DM, arguing using colorful language that they can kick his ass on the field. Thus, Belton will be fighting randosand occasionally a professional athlete -- while taunting and teasing them back for his YouTube viewers. That's the part Belton enjoys: winning, particularly when it's against people who are so rude. He persuades them to make dangerous passes and urges them to gamble in fourth-down situations when it's best to take a punt.

While watching Belton's channel ABGotGame the only thing Belton roasts more than his opponents? Madden itself. Some common phrases "This game is garbage" and "this game is awful." In every video, Belton is cursing the game's creator, EA Sports, like it's some sort of mmoexp madden 22 coins evil god. A sloppy throw? "EA!" Taking a bag? "EA! !" Missing an easy interception?