Last Moment Quick Revision Tips For CDSE


We'll look at how to revise for the UPSC CDS 1-2022 exam in 10 days in this post. A big chunk of CDS candidates have already prepared for this highly prestigious examination and they need to know some Do's and Don'ts during these last days:



  1. At the end of each day, spend at least 15 minutes reviewing the topics 
  2. Make a study schedule.
  3. Revise, Revise and Revise
  4. Focus on Physical and Mental Health



  1. Avoid Long Periods Of Study
  2. Avoid Last Moment Study
  3. Don’t Waste Too Much Time On A Single Question
  4. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others


For Reference:

To assess yourself, go to Testwale  website, which offers a Free CDS Mock Test Series based on the most recent exam pattern.

They also offer PDF Quizzes that feature the most commonly asked questions on the CDS Exam.

On their website, you can practice CDS previous year's questions in chemistry, physics, biology, and other subjects. I personally prepared for my exam using their test series and questions, which proved to be really valuable to me, and I am hopeful that the same will be applicable to you