If you are looking for a genuine printing device that can easily manage your workload then look no further than the Epson series of printer. However, if you already owned this printing device and facing some severe problem then we can help you in that regard. Nevertheless, we will try to address one key issue with the Epson printer i.e. Error Code 0x10 with some precise workarounds.

Conduct a visual inspection of your printing device

Error code 0x10 could occur due to a mechanical fault. Most of the mechanical breakdowns are caused due to intrusion of the foreign particle or stationery items such as a pen, pencil, or paper.  User needs to remove these items from the printer’s assembly in a deliberate way. We don’t recommend non-technical users to pursue this technique. Please make sure to consult this problem with an experienced professional.

Reboot your printing device

Rebooting still considered one of the best ways to troubleshoot most of the printer issues. Make sure to conduct a power cycle technique with your printing device to fix this error code. In case if this doesn’t help your machine, please go ahead and use the next method.

Get the updated driver

You can update the driver from the Epson website to fix this error code. The following instructions will help you to do the same.


  • First of all, switch off your printing device and system
  • Next, set the system to automatically download the driver software
  • Go to the installation settings and choose ‘Change device installation settings.’
  • Click yes to continue.
  • Next, establish a connection between your system and printer.
  • Let your computing device search the relevant driver for your printer.
  • Once your Windows locates the suitable software for your printer, it will download and install it on your computing device.

Dial Epson Printer Support for prompt technical assistance

To be frank, we are quite certain that this peculiar error code will not appear again, as these solutions are quite potent to subdue it easily. However, if this error code manages to show appearance again than left your problem at our disposal so that Epson printer customer service expert could take care of it.