What does it really mean to have sole physical custody? Summarize all relevant court opinions and language that may emerge during a disagreement over exclusive physical custody between parents. Naturally, the phrase is related to the larger topic of child custody. It is frequently requested when there is a disagreement between the parents.

This is a dispute about who gets to care for the kid, which is frequently the outcome of a collapse in their relationship. But what does it all mean? Initially, instead of both parents being assigned equal responsibilities, just one of the parents would be assigned to care for the kid.

This means that the other parent that loses the case is no longer allowed access to the child or has limited "visitation rights." Visitation privileges are granted to a parent who no longer has legal custody of their kid. So, how frequently may the bereaved parent expect to see their child? That is always up to the court's discretion. The state of California is governed by FAMILY LAW LAWYER ORANGE COUNTY.

Some visits may be on weekends, while others may be as seldom as once a month. It all hinges on how the court perceives this parent's concern for their child's well-being and how effective your child custody attorney is at persuading the court.

Sole physical custody is frequently awarded to parents who believe their spouse is no longer capable of caring for their child. This might be due to a parent's drug or alcohol addiction, or it could be due to any other issue that jeopardizes the parent's capacity to be a good parent. It can also be granted when one of the parents has emigrated, so the child's shared responsibility would be impossible.

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