How to properly use the kitchen stainless steel sink is not easy to damage?    Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers   stated:

A functional area of ​​the kitchen stainless steel sink - the cleaning area is very easy to get wet, and the moisture will affect the life of the cabinet. Therefore, in the kitchen decoration, in the choice of kitchen utensils, we generally choose a good sink first, for example: using high-quality SUS304 food grade stainless steel sink, super wear-resistant, no residue, effectively inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria. Of course, after the sink is selected, we still need to take good care of it.


The location of the kitchen stainless steel sink should be reserved: reserve the sink position, and provide the approximate size of the sink when ordering the sink. It is good to have a sink plan provided to avoid rework and lead to rework. When the sink is installed, the position reserved for the countertop should match the volume of the sink. The sink should be installed firmly and the tank should not be shaken from side to side. The installation of the sink is not a big project in the whole decoration, but pay attention to the sealing of the joints during the installation process.


Another key factor in choosing a kitchen stainless steel sink is the accessories. The good or bad of the accessories is directly related to the cost of maintenance in the future. The sealing degree and corrosion resistance of the lower water pipe are the main factors that determine whether the water leaks in the future; Extrusion seal, station-controlled water removal (that is, a device with a knob on the sink surface to control sealing or drainage), overflow device, and muffler series are all standards for measuring the quality of accessories. Consumers choose Special attention is required.


 After the installation is completed, the kitchen stainless steel sink must be cleaned and the debris during installation should be thoroughly rinsed. In addition, the stains that are easy to see in the daily sink can be treated like this. The sink should be cleaned with warm water, washing liquid and soft cloth after use. The usual stains can be removed immediately; the usual stains such as garbage and cream are slightly polluted and should not be used. Clean with a strong detergent; foods that easily contaminate the sink, such as tea, coffee, juice, etc., should be washed immediately with water or detergent to prevent alkaline deposits from remaining in the sink.



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