Are you rushed? Does rushing leave you drained? I almost sound like a commercial on TV Cheap Matt Bryant Jersey , ready to send you an important message that can change your life.


While that may be true, I am not about to ask you for money; just lend you some simple hard truth. If you are drained, you need to take a look at your priorities. Though typically brushed aside, once you align your priorities in a very simple Cheap Matt Bosher Jersey , heart-felt stance, you will find yourself one step closer to living in a world of extreme self-care.


While priorities may vary depending on the person and culture, the basics never change


Priority Hierarchy








When you have a foundation of beliefs and values, everything falls into place. ~Gina Kovacs


The most basic way to honor faith and your spiritual well-being is to be true to your self; to be honest about your values and what is important to you and holding true to those beliefs. Spiritual well-being means different things to different people Cheap Ricardo Allen Jersey , but there is always a common sense of deep inner peace and connection to a Divine force. Deep inner peace comes when you feel truly connected to yourself and those around you. Let's be real. We were not put here to feel negative about ourselves or to have self-doubt about who we are and what we are capable of. That's right, we weren't. If we have these negative emotions, we are simply creating them. And when we hold on to those negative emotions and do not take positive action to address feelings that make us feel unconnected to the world and those we love and cherish, a spiral effect takes place to brings out of balance with ourselves Cheap Ryan Schraeder Jersey , what we believe in, and those whom we come into contact with every day.


We need to be balanced and there are times when life is going to do a wheelie on you and you have to take some hard knocks. That's ok, as long as we learn from them and take action to get out of the difficult challenges that face us. Remember that God wants us to be happy and healthy and fulfilled; to be able to serve others in our community and to be able to rely on each other as we walk through life and experience all the wonderful things that are around us to experience. To be truly at peace and feel a connection of joy and happiness with yourself and with others allows your life to expand to experience all your inherit talents and abilities. To be there for your self and others. There can be no great joy than this.


Slowing down is where we can begin to care for ourselves'that means saying no unless you must say yes and spending time doing things that bring you joy and happiness.


Extreme self-care begins with thinking of you first. Tough concept to take on, but one of great importance. When you are right with yourself and take time for the things that bring you joy and inner peace Cheap Andy Levitre Jersey , you are in the right mind-set to filter out so many positive and wonderful emotions to those around you that can be a great blessing for those who are the closest to you. A reality check is this


How many times do you arrive home from a long day a work and actually take the time to enjoy a nice lingering dinner with the family? What about a long hot bath? Time for a half-hour of reading that book you have been meaning to read? When you schedule the time for those activities that mean so much to you, your world will begin to align with your core values and beliefs. You will feel more relaxed, more confident, and more on top of the game of life instead of the game of life being on top of you.


If this sounds elementary Cheap Jake Matthews Jersey , it is. But a philosophy such as this has long been neglected by the busyness of our society. Society will not be gentle to you. Society and our culture has constant reminders that living in the fast lane is preferable to a family dinner or watching your child play soccer or going for a bike ride at night.


Balance means getting real.


I have heard it often, and myself said it enough, that it is hard to balance, work Cheap Robert Alford Jersey , family, and personal time into a typical work week. Let me challenge you that it is not hard at all. It is in a moment of decision that you can arrange your week in a way that does not compromise your values and beliefs; to what is ultimately important to you.


First and foremost, you do not live for your job. You work to earn money to provide for your family or yourself if you are single. Living your life for your job will get you nowhere and fast. You cannot snuggle up to your computer at night or invite your computer over for dinner. If there is one thing that will help you in the long-run is to work your normal shift. Do not put in the ?extra? hours of work to meet a deadline. Employ the help of your co-workers; talk to your supervisor if your workload is heavy so that you can obtain some help. Organize your work hours to accommodate projects so you can meet the deadlines on time while working your normal shift. You will feel amazingly empowered when you stick to your regular shift. The time freed up can be used to enjoy the things you have been missing in your life. Time to exercise, be with friends Cheap Desmond Trufant Jersey , with family, to get that massage you have been wanting for months because your muscles are tight from the hectic schedule you live! No more, time to slow down.


Realization to Time and the Balance of Life


How you spend your time reveals your true priorities. Right now, list the top five things that take up most of your time. Start with your most pressing priorities (those items that take up most of your time) and end with the activity that takes up the least amount of your time.

      ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________


Now Cheap Mohamed Sanu Sr Jersey , ask yourself these questions


Is my life balanced?


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