Lots of young females and males aim to become a member of the cabin crew on a major airline.  This should come as no surprise when you contemplate the many benefits of being a flight attendant.  There is a renowned career path, good prospects for promotion, on the job training, stop-over expenditures and uniforms provided.  Furthermore, there is the social life and companionship that is all part of being one of the crew.  Several of those who work together become friends for life. The allure of air travel is also still magnetism despite the fact that some say the halcyon days of stylish air stewardesses or hostesses attending to the unrivaled passengers are long gone. There is still an enduring air of being part of exclusive with the recurrent trips overseas, the smart costumes, and the chance that you may be serving drinks to superstars that others only read about in silky magazines. For these and other reasons there is never any deficiency of hopefuls signing up for air hostess courses Bangalore and applying to airlines when they market of new crew. 

The demands positioned on cabin crew are much more than an ordinary job, but the rewards are there for those who can meet the challenges and who have a knack for this kind of work.  You too could accomplish your objective of becoming a flight attendant and relish several years of a successful career. If you have done your homework the interrogators will notice and will be more likely to choose you as a contender.