Family Tree Maker is family history record keeping software that is made to be operated on both Mac and Windows. The users are enabled to keep the track of their family related information gathered and collected through research and is recorded as reports, charts, and books based on that information. The original founder is Kenneth Hess of Banner Blue Software created, later purchased by Broderbund in 1995. It was owned by The Learning Company, Mattel, and others before being acquired by its current owner. The Software gained popularity among the users that Family Tree Maker Version was recognised by a Codie award in the "Best Consumer Productivity Solution" category in 2006. Family Tree Maker Discover Your Family Story With Family Tree Maker! The available version with the FTM users is FTM 2019 functioning for both Mac and Windows. Family Tree Maker 2019 The release year of FTM Software is 1989 and it’s been almost more than thirty years since then. Today, FTM stands as the World’s Favourite Genealogy Software. FTM is making it much easier than ever before to discover your family history, preserve your legacy, and share your unique heritage. This software is still a sensation because of its user-friendly feature that allows the user to easily build your family history with simple navigation, tree-building tools, and built-in Web searching. With time, Family Tree Maker has been updated with advanced features to bring creativity and innovation to traditional data management systems by providing options to choose from a wide range of charts and reports. This is becoming an advanced age legacy for the people which they can keep and preserve their treasure of family history to cherish for many years. And, pass on to the coming generation as legacy. Family Tree Maker Features Why are people preferring Family Tree Maker? The FTM features in providing quick and easy building of Family Tree which one can easily access in the form of family history timelines and interactive maps. One is able to gather hints from Ancestry and FamilySearch and allow single click sync with Ancestry Research. These are the basic features of Family Tree Maker. The ongoing version of FTM 2019 got launched with cool and interesting features that made FTM to be first choice by the users when it comes to logging and preserving their family history digitally. Family Tree Maker 2019 The Family Tree Maker originated nearly thirty years ago and from then to now, it is its new updated edition that resulted in the update of this old but grand brand into an advanced one that only original creators must have ever imagined about. The prime feature of FTM 2019 that has gained popularity is that it allows synchronisation of multiple devices in which you are logged in your FTM Account. If you make changes in your Tree on your system or MAC, then in an instant it will automatically appear on your smartphone or tab. Another plus addition is that now you are allowed to alter changes to the information that has been entered in FTM even thousand years ago to rectify mistakes. This can be easily passed on to any family member or relative of your choice by giving them a Family Tree Maker license to make sure that your legacy is present in the real world. Exclusive Features of Family Tree Maker 2019 Hints in the Index The users can easily import the entire branch into FTM 2019. It grants the user hints linked to over six billion online accessible FamilySearch historical records. A one-of-a-kind new source of records for Family Tree Maker users — this is available for completely free. Profile Picture Perfection FTM has introduced a new profile feature with which you can use the tool to crop the picture, and even enhance the appearance of your family tree. The smart technology inbuilt of the software detects the persons face and automatically zooms in to provide a perfectly cropped square picture that fits on each leaf of the family tree perfectly. The best aspect of this profile picture perfection is that the original picture remains unaltered, no alteration is made to it in terms of look. Turn Back Time The FTM 2019 comes with an upgrade through which you can keep track of all the changes that have been made even thousand years ago. With a single click one can go back to the point where Aaron was made while recording the information. Then accordingly using the extensive changes log one can restore or undo the changes the intent to make. TreeVault Cloud Services FTM Online developed itself to turn into a complete ecosystem from being an isolated desktop app. In real time one can view changes on any system or device they have logged in. Every info and change made is saved in the cloud that can be easily passed onto the next gen as legacy. AlbumWalk Media Player This enriches your family history record experience which is done by adding interactive talking photos with embedded SoundSpot. It is like a personalised and mini documentary that can be played anytime by anyone having the access. visit us on:Family tree maker 2019