Investing in real estate is known to be touching; every next person wants to own their own home. The increasing demand has led to many developments over so many years. With a significant amount of high-paying white-collar professionals and world-class physical infrastructure, NCR has become one of the fastest-growing areas. Several big corporations and neighbouring cities such as Gurugrma, Noida, Greater Noida are reallocating to search for better infrastructure and genuine real estate investments. The government is also facilitating the same by assisting in better communication among the cities by developing the public infrastructure like roads, metros, and other connectivity. Noida and Greater Noida have seen steady growth as the most favoured cities over the years because of significant developments near the areas. The Yamuna Expressway is certainly one of the biggest real estate hotspots. It has become the top pick for residential real estate buyers and investors. Multiple real estate projects have developed along this stretch over a couple of years. Several integrated townships, logistics hubs and warehouses have also been developed. Read More :