Are you planning to make your first footstep in the world of handpan? Then you might be weaving several thoughts like which handpan steel drum would be the best pick, which scale is suitable for beginners, and so on! To help clear all your doubts we are going to present our clear guide through this write-up. So make sure to stay tuned till the end of the blog. 

Things To Consider While Getting Your First Handpan Steel Drum

For beginners, it's really very challenging to pick your first handpan drum instrument. They get lost among the vast choices. So we are going to make it easier to refine the available options of handpan steel drums with the following tips.

Consider The Built Quality

The first and foremost thing to check in a handpan is its built quality. Apart from this, you should also keep a keen eye to find out whether it is tuned properly. If you miss out on these two attributes, there is no means of following the further tips we are going to share. The tonal quality and aftertaste of a handpan rely on its built quality and tuning.

Generally, handpans must be built with compound fifth harmonics and octave tunes to every single note and must withstand any playing force.

Find The Right Scale

When you find the above qualities in your desired handpan, it's time to decide on the scale. Well choosing the scale you are comfortable with solely depends on you and your playing style. Chiefly, a handpan appears with three scales, including the exotic scale, major scale, and natural minor scale. Before making any final decision, explore different youtube videos to choose the suitable scale for you.

Choose The Steel

You have probably heard about the top three plates of steel namely raw steel, stainless steel, and nitrided steel that are used to craft handpan steel drums. Now, to be honest, there is no comparison between the three materials. Each material bears its own significance. So again, in this case, you need to choose the one that suits your taste and preferences. Before coming to a conclusion, listen to each steel material and get your hands on the one you like the most.

Consider The Notes

Lastly yet most importantly, make sure to consider the notes of your first handpan steel drum. For example, suppose you are willing to buy a Kurd scale so now it's completely upon you whether you want eight fields or nine fields in it. Or you might even want a few extra notes on your instrument's bottom. So before making any final decision research well by listening to different handpan music videos and choose the one that is appropriate for you.

To conclude, you should always consult with a handpan maker as they can give you a clear insight into the different types, scales, and notes of a handpan steel drum. Or you can simply join our community and consult with our world-famous handpan manufacturers to get your first ayasa handpan.