For identifying the right Solidity Engineer in the fastest possible time, having a hiring funnel is a must. Here are 5 ways in which you can create an effective hiring funnel for effective hire solidity developers selection.

Post your Position: Compile your requirements to develop a suitable and crisp job post and share it on relevant job posting sites and social media to attract top candidates.

Screen Candidates: Screen through candidates’ resumes who have applied for your post and shortlist the ones whose profile matches your requirements.

Test Candidates: Verify candidates’ skills by providing them with tricky and rigorous role-based tasks. Shortlist the ones who qualify for this test for the interview round

Interview Talents:Ask Solidity-related open-ended questions and ask candidates to solve tricky problems that bring out their knowledge and problem-solving abilities

Share Feedback: Once you decide on which Solidity Programmer you want to hire, send them feedback along with an offer letter to move ahead on your development journey.