Saad Iqbal the President Executive Management at ABTACH LTD managing the complete organizational activities. And, his name is prominent as it manages the whole firm to increase employee’s productivity, efficiency, project management, recruitment and selection, developing strong employee relationship, etc. Since the firm building, his hard worked and result-oriented approach make ABTACH LTD the top IT company around the world.

“Our passion is the main force that drives us into performing well for ABTACH. We love what we do and that’s why, we’ve strengthened our ties with IT enthusiasts who are genuinely committed to take this company to the peak of its success. We believe in respecting our people’s rights and privacy and that leads us into ensuring a win-win situation for our company and its people.”

Top HR Trends ABTACH LTD Follows

The major HR Trends that become the top priority in today’s world. They are essential to integrate to enhance employee performance and increase productivity. That is the reason the Saad Iqbal the president Executive management incorporating these trends to boost employee performance that includes;

  1. The hybrid workplace
  2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  3. Managing multigenerational
  4. Empowered teams with automation tools

HR Trend 01 –The hybrid workplace

The Coronavirus drastically effects the life of every person. In the early day of COVID-19, when lock down at its peaks and the whole word is shutting down, it is difficult for business to operate organizational activity efficiently. But the President Executive Management Muhammad Saad Iqbal integrates the remote working efficiently and managed organizational functions to enhance productivity. As per the researchers, 83% of employees are preferring hybrid models, and almost 63% of organization earn high-revenue with hybrid workplaces.

HR Trend 02 –Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

The hunt of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) may continue and becomes the center for every organization worldwide. Now, the organizations are focusing to make sure that the programs they create offers justice for all. Interestingly, Saad Iqbal incorporating (DEI) to tailor company’s performance while performing remote work and do succession planning.

HR Trend 03 –Managing multigenerational

It is the first time in the history that almost four generations are working in the same environment such as baby boomers, generation X, Gen Z, and millennials. The fact is there is a big difference among all the generations. You can see from pop culture to the complete tech-savvy people that might difficult to manage. But, the impressive approach of Saad Iqbal manages each generation perfectly. He is working hard to unite each generation under one-roof.

HR Trend 04 –Empowered teams with automation tools

Today, there is the plethora of advance technology and the fact is remote working is at the finger tips. So, the robotic automation becomes the need to HR teams to works perfectly. That is why, Saad Iqbal introducing artificial intelligence and virtual intelligence to gain more traction in ABTACH LTD. His motive is to make onboarding easy for HJR. He is now introducing RPA tools to automatically update employee’s information, applicant tracking, etc.


After reading the whole article, it is concluded that ABTACH LTD is ready to meet with global IT challenges. And, the strategic approach of Muhammad Saad Iqbal takes the company to next level of success.